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Customer testimonials at Jacuzzi Ontario

Sandy Newbigging

J-345™ in Ajax, Ontario

I am a first-time Hot Tub owner and I bought a Jacuzzi from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Whitby. I am extremely happy with my Hot Tub and the service I've received from the first day. I highly recommend others to consider Jacuzzi Hot Tubs when they're shopping for a new Hot Tub. -Sandy Newbigging

Carrie & Jeff Springsted

J-335™ in Hamilton

After shopping for a hot tub for awhile, my husband and I decided to go with a Jacuzzi because of its wonderful reputation. We walked into the store and was immediately greeted by Mike. He showed us different models and gave us a great deal of information about how the Jacuzzi brand tub works. He helped us pick the one right for us and even searched for the exact colour combination we wanted. We were unsure of the spot in our yard we had in mind would be suitable for the tub, and he immediately grabbed his coat and car keys and followed us to our home for the onsite inspection. WOW! After determining our spot would be prefer, we placed our order. Our perfect tub was coming from California, and during our wait, he kept in close contact with us regarding the delivery date, and even answered a few more questions regarding the electrical stuff on our end. Finally, our tub arrived!! We had a small issue with setting the delivery date when our tub arrived to the store, and with one email to Mike he had it all worked out in less than 5 minutes! After install he called to make sure that all went well and he set up a spa school for us. We went to another location for that, and Brett went well over and above for us that evening!! Mike has kept in contact for various reasons, and we truly feel like we have so much support whenever we need it, and have never felt hounded. Our experience has been such a great one and we are so happy with our tub. Mike from Whitby and Brett from Ancaster have been fabulous!!!

Ian & Kat Weir

J-385™ in Uxbridge, Ontario

Michael was extremely knowledgeable about hot tubs. This was our first ever hot tub purchase and he ensured that we were educated on all aspects of the product. He took the time to understand (and to ensure we understood) why we were buying a hot tub, what we were looking to get out of a hot tub. Something as simple as getting in a hot tub to make sure we were comfortable. Buying a hot tub for the first time is a daunting prospect. We were unsure about maintenance and operation. Michael put our minds at ease by explaining in detail, and demonstrating, all of the key maintenance tasks (which aren't many with a Jacuzzi). We are overjoyed with our purchase and had a great time entertaining friends and family over the Holidays in our new hot tub. We don't have an ounce of "buyers remorse", and that is due mainly to the time that Michael took in educating us before we made our purchase.

Vince Carnovale

J-495™ in Whitby, Ontario

I had been looking for a spa for the last 4 months. After reading everything I could and talking to the professionals about salt system, ultra Violet, natural chemicals and ozone, I thought I knew it all. I then went out and talked to 2 manufacturers about the 2 spas that I had picked (none of which Jacuzzi). I was surprised to hear that all they could say is how bad the competitor is, They would brag about their tubs being the best. It got to the point where I was visiting 5 different manufacturers and they all said the same thing. Then I found Mike. What a different approach. All he did was talk about his product, the benefits, the advantages, some places of improvements over the years. He was speaking to me with a sense of honesty, something that all the other sales people were lacking. Me being the cautious and indecisive person that I am , Mike worked well with me. His follow up calls were in a timely manner. We went back and forth and I had narrowed it down between a Jacuzzi spa and a less expensive competitor. Then came the wet test. If you take nothing from this review, take only this. WET TEST before you buy. When comparing Jacuzzi to the other spa, it was night and day. Mike made the spa available after hours, he called ahead to see what temp I like the water. He had the lights down low. He was very inconspicuous, he made himself as invisible as possible to give my family and I the privacy we needed, and I must say I felt like we were the only ones there. He let us take as much time as we need and he provided us with a clean and private change facility. THANKS MIKE! The Tub Features - I am not sure why, but when I tried other spas, I was always floating, trying to force myself into the seat. If I was able to sit then it was the jet pressure that was making my skin itch. Or the configuration of the controls were not in logical places. Now, the Jacuzzi- The foot jets are to die for. That alone made a huge impact on our decision. The feeling of fresh and clean after we got out of the spa was extremely refreshing. Unlike any other spa I have been in. Lastly, the jet pressure felt comfortable and no itch! I was told the CLEAR RAY system is responsible along with the unique 50/50 jet air and water mixture. Very Pleased! Mike and his staff have been terrific so far. He was willing to work around my concerns to get my business and his promise of outstanding service has already been starting to shine through. I get my Spa on the 21st and I cant wait.

Lisa Wilson

J-235™ in Whitby, Ontario

When my husband and I decided to purchase our hot tub he was adamant that we purchased it from Jacuzzi. Upon return from Jamaica at 3am, Dave was there by 11am. He was immediately greeted by Mikes friendly smile and willingness to help. We decided to get some sleep and come back the next day. Mike was insistent on knowing what time and was waiting for my husband the next day. From there, we decided our budget and Mike spent three hours with him answering all his question and concerns. He came three days later for the site visit, just as scheduled. He kept us up to speed on the delivery date and everything went as smooth as can be. Sure enough, the next day, Mike called to see how everything is going. We have had our tub just only six days and have been in it every day since. We cannot thank you and Mike enough for all of your help and amazing customer service. We will recommend you both to anyone we hear looking to make a hot tub purchase. Thanks for everything!!