7 Things You Need to Know About Infrared Saunas

Your home can provide the perfect setting for relaxation with the addition of a home sauna. In this article, we’re going to break down the top seven things you should know about home saunas and just how the addition of a Clearlight® Infrared Sauna can improve your lifestyle.

1. Installation & Assembly is Simple

With Clearlight® Saunas, there’s no need to feel intimidated by the “some assembly required” disclaimer.

While building certain pieces of furniture at home can cause some worry or frustration, you can feel confident when assembling your Clearlight® Infrared Sauna. All you need is another person to help, one to two hours of dedicated time, a screwdriver, and your Clearlight® Home Sauna.

Before delivery, your sauna is assembled within the factory and then tested. This ensures that not only can it be connected easily once delivered to you, but also that it meets strict quality control standards. Afterwards, it is disassembled, packaged and then shipped to your front door. As a result, your infrared sauna will be delivered pre-wired and crafted with an expert design so that you can put it together easily.

If you have any trouble assembling your home sauna, give the experts at your local Jacuzzi Ontario showroom a call and they can assist you.

2. Clearlight® Infrared Saunas are Affordable

At Jacuzzi Ontario, we take great pride in the sauna prices that we are able to offer. This one-time purchase can provide you with many years of enjoyment. It’s no doubt that the value of your home sauna greatly exceeds the initial price point.

If affordability and pricing is an area of doubt for you, our specialists can help you explore the financing options available. With over 10 models to choose from, you may be able to benefit from financing options starting as low as $61 per month.

(Please keep in mind that pricing and financing may differ based on factors such as your location and approved financing).

3. Long-Lasting Experience & Comprehensive Warranty

With a Clearlight® Infrared Sauna, it’s about so much more than having a place to relax and unwind. It’s about the years of enjoyable sauna ownership, complete with many improvements in your home and lifestyle, that you can look forward to.

The TrueWave™ infrared emitters in each sauna have an estimated operational life of about 30,000 hours. To put that into perspective, if you use your sauna five time a week for about 10 minutes each time, the heaters can last for up to 125 years.

Not only that, but all sauna cabins are kiln dried and air dried to achieve a 7% moisture content. The reduced moisture within the sauna can help to reduce the risk of warping materials and growth of bacteria. The panels are then pressed to ensure a lifetime free of warping or cracking!

The electrical components are manufactured to meet, if not exceed, our standards. After production, your sauna is set-up and run for several hours to ensure proper operation. In the event that you experience an issue with your Clearlight® Sauna, the limited lifetime warranty can provide the entire unit with comprehensive coverage. This includes everything from the heaters and controls, to the electrical, wood, and even the audio system.

Clearlight® Saunas installed and used within a commercial setting are covered under an alternative 5-year warranty.

4. They Use Infrared Technology

Infrared saunas do more than simply heat the body, they warm from the inside out. Clearlight® Infrared Saunas use low-EMF TrueWave™ Carbon/Ceramic heaters.

These heaters create invisible, far infrared heat, which is the same kind of heat (not the light!) produced by the sun and the human body. Inside the sauna, just 20% of the energy is used to actually heat the air, while the rest is used to heat the body of the person inside. The radiant heat can penetrate deep below the skin, resulting in a gentle warming within the body.

5. Infrared Saunas Are Completely Safe

Did you know that infrared heat is all around us? The human body both receives and emits infrared heat. Would you like to experience far infrared heat right now? Put your palms together and then move them to about ½ inch apart. Can you feel the warmth between your palms? This is a great example of safe far infrared heat, the same that is emitted from the TrueWave™ heaters inside your home sauna.

The materials used within Clearlight® Saunas are geared toward your safety, too. The cedar and basswood used to craft the cabin are pre-treated, non-toxic and have a reduced risk of growing bacteria or mold.

While infrared saunas are safe, it is always recommended that you first speak with your doctor before using one regularly. This can help to ensure that it is the best and safest option for you.

6. Finding the Best Sauna is Easy

If you’re considering bringing a sauna into your home, but aren’t sure where to begin, our experts can help you. From the moment you enter one of our showrooms, you will be greeted with a smile by one of our experienced specialists.

They can help you to determine your needs, wants, budget, and any other deciding factors that can contribute to the sauna that’s best for you and your family. Sit in a sauna, smell the cedar or basswood, listen to music from the audio system, or change the internal lights to get a better feel of the features that are included.

Any questions that you have about the features of saunas, infrared heat or sauna maintenance will be answered.

After you find the best sauna for your lifestyle, our team will be there to support and help you every step of the way. If you have a question or concern about your sauna choices, simply give your nearest showroom a call or visit in person.

Home Saunas at Jacuzzi Ontario

Is it time to invest in your home and lifestyle with a sauna? Visit your local Jacuzzi Ontario showroom to get started today, where you’ll find a large selection of Clearlight® Infrared Saunas waiting for you. With help from our experts, you can find the best sauna for your lifestyle, budget and needs. Once you’ve found the right one for you, our team will have it delivered and can even assist with the installation.

For more information about our Clearlight® Infrared Saunas, explore the articles in our online learning centre or visit your nearest showroom today.

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