Can a Sauna Help When You Have a Cold?

Nothing puts a halt to your productivity like a cold can. Once the symptoms hit, it’s much easier to relax in bed or on the couch than continue about your day.

After the symptoms linger for a day or two, many of us would do just about anything to make them stop and continue our regularly scheduled programming.

Sauna owners may wonder if relaxing inside their infrared sauna could help ease cold symptoms or get rid of a cold altogether, which is exactly what we’re about to find out.

Safely Using a Sauna When You Have a Cold

If you have a cold or illness, you should always speak with a physician first before using a sauna to ensure that it is in the best interest of your health and healing.

The use of a sauna to help when a person has a cold is generally effective for symptom management. Although it has not been proven to shorten the length of the common cold, which is about seven to ten days on average, it can help to ease some of the symptoms and make the experience more tolerable.

Infrared saunas have been proven to help ease muscle aches and pains, which can be more prevalent during a cold or illness, especially when sleep patterns are disturbed and you’re spending more time on the couch or in bed than usual.

The use of a sauna may help to ease congestion, help reduce physical and emotional stress, and aid in a better sleep.

You can watch television or a movie, listen to music or simply enjoy the peace and quiet within your sauna, contributing to your healing.

Preventing the Common Cold with a Sauna

It has been shown that the regular use of a sauna can help to improve your immune system. By improving your immune system through regular sauna use, it is possible to prevent getting a cold in the future.

When inside a sauna, the infrared heat helps to gradually raise your core temperature. This essentially creates an artificial fever as your body gets warmer. During this time, your immune system jumps into action and works hard to fight against the infection.

This keeps your immune system on its toes, ready to combat germs and keep your body as healthy as possible.

Along with regular sauna use, there are other things that you can do to prevent colds and boost your immune system, including:

  • Taking a daily multivitamin
  • Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Washing your hands
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Physically distancing yourself from those who are ill

Visiting and communicating with your doctor regularly is highly recommended to help ensure your best health.

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