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Illuminated Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna installed in a wellness room.

Infrared Sauna Comparison of Jacuzzi V.S. Finnleo

Saunas have been used now for centuries for a variety of health conditions, as well as a relaxing experience. In recent times, the infrared sauna has stepped into the spotlight, boasting even more health and wellness benefits compared to its traditional counterpart. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know …

Infrared Sauna Comparison of Jacuzzi V.S. Finnleo Read More »

Smartop Hot Tub Cover

An Honest Guide to Hot Tub Covers: ProLast VS. Covana VS. Smartop

Who would have thought that purchasing a new hot tub cover would be so involved? There really is a lot to consider when choosing between the different spa covers available. The last thing you want to do is end up with an expensive cover that doesn’t fit quite right or a cheap cover that breaks …

An Honest Guide to Hot Tub Covers: ProLast VS. Covana VS. Smartop Read More »

Jacuzzi Hot Tub in the winter

The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Are you considering whether you should by a hot tub? If you’re still on the fence, it might be helpful for you to consider that buying a hot tub isn’t just about adding a recreational feature to your home. In fact, there is a wide variety of health benefits that are associated with hot tubs. Such remarkable benefits could improve your lifestyle and enhance your wellness in many amazing ways. As you are about to discover, hot tubs offer a wide range of amazing perks, that are not solely limited to physical wellness, but also to emotional health.

Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub at night

How a Hot Tub Can Help With Disturbed Sleep Patterns

A study conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated a growing trend in disturbed sleep patterns in North America. The study has confirmed that many people are sleeping less and the sleep they are getting isn’t as effective as it could be. They report that at least 70 million American suffer from chronic sleep conditions, and many more suffer from occasional sleeplessness.

Outdoor hot tub installed in the GTA.

Do You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade for Your Spa?

The power limitations of your home shouldn’t prevent you from owning a hot tub, all season pool or sauna. Especially when it’s all you’ve been dreaming about. At Jacuzzi Ontario, we have a team of Electrical Partners who specialize in upgrading the electrical service for residential homes. In fact, they make the entire experience as …

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Joint Pain

Hot Tubs Help with Arthritis and Joint Pain

According to the Arthritis Society of Canada, arthritis is the third most common chronic condition reported by adults in Canada, and the single most common chronic condition in Canadian women. Caused by a number of factors, swelling and rubbing in the joints is extremely painful. The study also reports that a significant increase in the number of arthritis sufferers will occur as our aging population grows from 4.6 million in 2011 to an estimated 7.5 million individuals over the age of 65 by 2036.

Happy family with kids sit on couch using laptop

Do You Need More Family Time?

Do you find it difficult to find time to spend your family? You are not alone. As the kids get older that means spending more time at organized sports, extra curricular activities, homework, and more time with friends. Here are some reasons why Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are a great way to bring the family together!

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