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4 Essential Theme Parties For Your Hot Tub

When it comes to planning any hot tub party, it helps to think of your think of your new hot tub as the ultimate party guest, the center of attention that everyone simply can’t get enough of. During your first 100 days as a Jacuzzi® brand hot tub owner, show off all your new hot tub has to offer with these easy ideas for hot tub party themes. 


Just the fact that you purchased a hot tub is a good enough reason to throw a party, so hosting an “Open House”-themed party that showcases your hot tub for family and friends. Grab these essentials:

  • Welcome your guests with that new set of towels.
  • Put the “hot” in hot tub party with hot-themed appetizers like spicy Thai chicken skewers or jalapeño poppers. If spicy isn’t your thing, consider serving mini hot dogs.
  • Provide refreshments that pack a kick of their own like habanero-infused margaritas or spiced coffee in the evening.

SPORTS NIGHT rsz fifa-world-cup-2014-hd-wallpapers-widescreen

What better way to watch a game with friends than in a hot tub? Gather your favorite team’s fan base together for “Sports Night”-themed hot tub party that cheers your team to victory. Grab these essentials:

  • Bring the game to you by setting up the TV outside or within range of the hot tub.
  • Serve hot tub-friendly appetizers or desserts featuring the colors of your favorite team. 
  • Anything served on a stick is always a safe bet to help prevent soggy crumbs. 
  • For whatever sport you’re watching, get some waterproof balls to toss around during commercial breaks.

BOOK CLUBrsz istock 000006049177 large

The intimate setting of a hot tub is the perfect gathering space for your book club to discuss the book of the month. When it’s your turn to host, invite the whole group over for an evening of good friends, good conversation and lots of laughs. Grab these essentials:

  • If it’s your turn to pick the book, suggest a book that’s ocean or water-themed, or maybe even something that’s on the “steamier” side.
  • Try serving hot-tub friendly appetizers that match the theme of the book. If that’s too hard, serve nautical-themed snacks like grilled fish skewers or shrimp cocktails instead.
  • Come up with a simple trivia game based on the book that everyone can play for prizes while in the hot tub.

DAY AT THE BEACH rsz 2rsz istock 000025404012 large

If you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to you with a hot tub party that captures the spirit of a summer day at the beach. Grab these essentials:

  • Provide your guests with colorful beach towels, sunblock and flip flops when they arrive.
  • Grab beach balls for guests to toss to each other. They’re also great for decoration!
  • Surround the hot tub area with sea shells and beach chairs to help set the mood.
  • If you’re going for a more tropical beach theme, serve island-themed drinks like Mai Tais and Mojitos.