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5 Myths About Hot Tubs You Need to Know Now


Are you considering purchasing a hot tub, but not sure if it’s the best decision? Perhaps you’re keen to widen your knowledge base about all things hot tubs to impress your friends. Or maybe you’re confused about what’s fact from fiction, with all the different opinions out there. Whatever the reason, we’ll keep you in the know, as we break down five of the most common hot tub myths we’ve come across.

Myth #1: Hot Tubs Are Expensive to Operate

This is a popular myth that discourages many people from buying a hot tub because they think they use a tremendous amount of energy and are expensive to run and maintain. The reality is that today’s energy-efficient models are designed to keep operational costs low, some as low as $20 per month.

The high-end brands tend to factor in a variety of energy-efficient features, ranging from energy-efficient pumps and filtration systems that help reduce the need to refill and heat water, to insulated shells and covers that retain heat.

Myth #2: Water Care is Difficult

Costly, inconvenient and time-consuming. That’s what most people think when it comes to hot tub water care. However, with the right filtration system, it will do almost all the work for you! Some filtration systems will clean the water two to three times per day and in as little as 15 minutes. The only thing you must do to maintain clean, safe water, is regularly add sanitizer every few weeks. Now, how hard can that be?

Myth #3: Chlorine Causes Redness, Irritation and Burns Your Eyes

While chlorine is a strong chemical that should be handled with care, it cannot be held responsible for eye irritation following a soak in the spa. This has more to do with imbalanced pH or alkalinity in the water.

Low pH means the water is too acidic and high alkalinity makes the water caustic, which can lead to itchy, burning eyes. To keep this from happening, check the water balance once a week with a home test kit. Adjust the pH balance of the water as often as necessary, or get your water professionally tested.

Myth #4: The More Jets the Better

Don’t believe the hype! Some hot tub dealers might persuade you to purchase a hot tub with a larger number of jets. However, it’s not the quantity of jets that give hot tubs their maximum massaging powers. It’s the type, quality, and placement of spa jets, not the sheer number that really counts.

Myth #5: You Can Sanitize Your Hot Tub with Bleach

This is a big no, no!

Household bleach should be kept as far away as possible from the interior and exterior of your hot tub. Bleach is harsh on the finishes of products and can ruin the acrylic on the shell of your hot tub, or the waxy surface of the hot tub cover. Always use an approved sanitizer to keep your hot tub water and cover clean.

Now that we’ve shed light on some of the most common myths around, download our buyers guide to start thinking about which hot tub is best for you. Or, get the facts from an expert and contact your closest Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario dealership today! We have locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and throughout the surrounding area and GTA!