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As Seen On The Doctors: Hot Tub Healing Machine

As Seen On The Doctors: Hot Tub Healing Machine
Recently, the Jacuzzi brand made an appearance on the television series The Doctors. In this episode, The Doctors discussed the many healing benefits of hydrotherapy with a Jacuzzi hot tub. 
Finding the right treatment for your pain relief is absolutely imperative. Not only do Jacuzzi hot tubs provide their users with relaxation and comfort, but they also provide pain relief and other health benefits as well. Whether it may be arthritis symptoms, menstrual cramps, or restless leg syndrome, Jacuzzi hot tubs have been proven to help relieve this pain tremendously. According to The Doctors, sitting in a hot tub is one of the best things you can do for your arthritis. The heat from the water opens up blood vessels which helps to reduce the joint pain, and increases the range of movement.
The Doctors had four sample patients (who were suffering from arthritis) demo the Jacuzzi hot tubs. Each of these patients admitted to a noticeable difference that the hot tub had made on their pain. One of the patients mentioned that her arthritis pain was intolerable. She then mentioned that she had instant relief while entering the Jacuzzi.
Is it time for you to try a Jacuzzi hot tub? Here are some DO’S and DON’T’S: 
1. Do not stay in too long. You should only sit in the Jacuzzi hot tub for 15-25 minutes max. 
2. Do Check Water Temperature. For adults, the temperature should be 104 degrees Fahrenheit and only 100 degrees Fahrenheit for children. 
3. Do not go in alone. For precaution purposes, it is best that you go in your hot tub with another person.
4. Do not use alcohol while in the hot tub. Alcohol will make you more prone to falling asleep or tripping.