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Congratulations James! You won the Jacuzzi Ontario Contest!

Congratulations James! You won the Jacuzzi Ontario Contest!

CONGRATULATIONS to James Caputo! He is the winner of our Jacuzzi Ontario Contest!Thank you to everyone who participated; we enjoyed reading all of your essay submissions.

James, we hope you enjoy your Jacuzzi hot tub for a year! Here's his winning entry:

Hi, my name is James. I am forty-five years young as my mother would say and the benefits of winning this Jacuzzi hot tub for a year would go well beyond reducing my pain and increasing my mobility. As hot water therapy provides me a much needed cardiovascular exercise and musculoskeletal strengthening that is more risky on land due to balance or neurological impairments. While I would not go as far as to say that a Jacuzzi hot tub should precede dry-land exercises because I believe a combination of both could more efficiently rehabilitate someone like me with any number of physical maladies.

The water shares its benefits with more than just my body. A quiet Jacuzzi hot tub offers someone like me the setting to initiate stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing, visualization and employing slow, deliberate movements while concentrating on the ‘feelings’ the water elicits.

If I won a free year with this Jacuzzi hot tub I would definitely use it as a water therapy tool allowing the ‘melting away’ of stress and new pressures due to my Motor Vehicle Accident. Anecdotal evidence of this is easy to find if you have ever noticed my face and body language change as I enter into a hot tub. Exercises focusing on removing the tough, outer layers of strain, pain and stress are integral to this component of my rehabilitation. A constructive, shielded environment where I can confront my psychological deficit and develop methods to rebuild myself allows for progress to be made in every aspect of my life.

I can tell you from my experience, any type of cheaper and more efficient pain relief would be so beneficial in many ways. To win this would absolutely be an opportunity of a lifetime and definitely a dream come true.