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Get cozy with the Jacuzzi J415

These days, life can be hectic. Work, school, and all sorts of other things can demand your attention. After all that, you might want to just relax a bit with a loved one, or spend time with your family. For a smaller and cozier atmosphere, Jacuzzi Ontario has the answer: The J-415 hot tub. Seating 2-3 people, this hot tub is great for those more intimate gatherings.

The J-415's smaller size offers certain benefits. It is not built using Jacuzzi's normal rack-based design, which makes it much easier to transport, set up, and able to fit through doors. Being a smaller model Jacuzzi also makes it more affordable. It requires less water to fill, and less power to heat and operate.

Just because it's smaller doesn't mean that the J-415 loses out on any of Jacuzzi's handy features. Like all units in the 400 family of hot tubs, the J-415 can be equipped with Jacuzzi's innovative J1000 control system. This ties audio and jet control into one handy waterproof remote. Coming standard now in all Jacuzzi hot tubs is CLEARRAY UV filtering system, which helps keep your hot tub water clean via UV light and reduce the need for chemical cleaning. Not sure what condition your hot tub is in? A handy status light on the outside of your hot tub is lit at all times to inform you of its readiness. When the light turns red, it's time to have your hot tub maintained. The J-415 comes in seven different colors, with three different choices for the outside cabinetry.

When you want to spend time with those you value, the J-415 is a great choice. You'll discover that good things do come in small packages!