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Get The Most Of Your New Hot Tub

Your new Jacuzzi® brand hot tub is installed, the water is heated to perfection and the fresh air outside is calling your name. So, now what? The first 100 days of ownership are the perfect time to unlock all that your hot tub has to offer by adding a few easy accessories and setting aside some quality hot tub time. If you’re wondering where to start, here’s a simple checklist of what to get and what to do in order to get the most of your new hot tub. 


A few simple accessories can make a world of difference when it comes to creating the ultimate hot tub paradise in your backyard. Get the ball rolling with these easy-to-find accessories:

  • a towel rack and extra towels or bathrobes for keeping everyone warm, dry and comfortable
  • a set of sturdy plastic cups and can cozies so everyone can enjoy a cold drink without the danger of broken glass
  • a cooler or a mini-fridge close by so that ice-cold drinks are within arm’s reach
  • a cabinets or plastic garden boxes for storing chemicals and other necessary supplies out of sight
  • anti-slip mats and flip-flops to keep feet clean and safe
  • waterproof playing cards and board games to keep everyone entertained

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A new hot tub is a great excuse to finally spruce up the backyard. Here are some of the most popular backyard additions for new hot tub owners:

  • potted plants, trellises, bushes and flowers to give the hot tub that “surrounded by nature” feeling
  • landscape lighting, stepping stones or rock gardens to illuminate and pave the way to the hot tub
  • a patio table, outdoor chairs, benches or bar stools to provide a comfortable seating when not in the hot tub
  • an umbrella, gazebo or awning to provide shade and shelter from weather



  • extra towels and bathing suits for guests that forget theirs
  • a bucket of flip flops for guests so they’ll know it’s time to kick off their socks and shoes and let loose
  • a variety of cold drinks and hot tub-friendly appetizers to keep people refreshed without getting too full
  • a great soundtrack to get everyone in the mood to party