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How a Jacuzzi Pump Works

While sitting in your Jacuzzi enjoying the warmth of the water, and relaxation of the jets, have you ever wondered how it works? The heart and soul of the Jacuzzi is the powerhouse pump. Many people think the hot tub pump is solely in charge of circulating the water from the jets in and out of the Jacuzzi. In addition to that job, it also filters the water, keeps the water heated and adds the air to the water allowing it to power out of the jets.

Let's break it down into simple terms. Inside the pump the water is extracted out of the tub and it starts to filter itself as it enters inside the pump. Why is this so important? Well having the pump filter the water prevents the owner from having to empty the tub and manually clean the tub. Without the pump you would have to do this after every time the Jacuzzi hot tub is used. Think of it this way, you fill your bathtub full of water and you just let the water sit for a week. If you continuously enter and exit the tub all week the water will get pretty dirty by the end.

After the water is filtered and it enters the pump, the water pump is heated maintaining the warm temperature of the water. From that point onwards the pump begins to circulates the water rapidly inside the tank. It then begins to add air to the mix of water. When the water begins to circulate, the motion begins to add force and pressure to the water. The pressured 50/50 mix of water and air then comes out of the jets and back into the Jacuzzi. The water is continually circulating in and out of the pump for the entire length of the Jacuzzi use.

To maintain the maximum lifespan of your Jacuzzi pump, owners should scrub or soak their Jacuzzi filters and the inlet and outlet valves in bleach to prevent mineral deposits from forming. So next time you are enjoying the hospitality of your Jacuzzi, give your pump some credit for being the backbone of the Jacuzzi.