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Ideas for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Hot Tub

Ideas for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Hot Tub

Whether you have an older hot tub or are thinking about checking out the latest Jacuzzi tubs, Mississauga utility bills are likely a concern. While many newer models from Jacuzzi Ontario are energy efficient, there are a few steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your current hot tub. Below are a few ideas.

• Replace your battered old hot tub cover. Minimizing heat loss is one of the smartest steps you can take in order to reduce your energy bills. After all, if the water retains its heat, the heater won't need to be run as often. Invest in a tight-fitting, well-insulated hot tub cover – ideally one that will not absorb water.
• Create a shelter for your outdoor hot tub – Cold wind can quickly cool water temperatures. By building a shelter around your outdoor Jacuzzi, Ontario winds have less of a chance of affecting your comfort and increasing your utility bills. Hot tub gazebos and shelters also add an element of privacy.
• Use a solar water heater to heat hot tub water. Take advantage of the sun's warmth and energy by investing in a solar water heater for your hot tub. This is a much less expensive option than investing in a whole house solar energy system.
• Consider using a solar or thermal floating blanket during the day when the tub is not in use. Solar and thermal blankets float on the surface of the water, keeping warmth in and dirt and debris out. Solar versions trap the sun's heat, transferring it to your water. Despite their benefits, do not use if small children or pets have access to the hot tub as floating blankets are not designed to support weight or prevent unauthorised access.
• Set the temperature to a slightly lower temperature. The factory setting may be higher than necessary which can affect your utility bills. Adjust the temperature downward gradually until you find the right balance between comfort and efficiency.
• Turn off the jets when not in use even if you use a timer. This may seem obvious, but many people let the jets run until the timer shuts them off. If you're done and there's still time left on the timer, manually turn them off.