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Selecting Your Dream Hot Tub: The Bottom Line on Features

When it comes to creating the Jacuzzi® hot tub experience you’ve dreamed about, it’s important to look for the features that best suit you and your family’s needs. But, the number of features in today’s advanced hot tubs can seem overwhelming. Customizable features like tub size and shape, jets, seats, shell and filtration system all play a role in creating this experience, and each should be carefully considered when visiting your Jacuzzi® dealer. When it’s time to shop for your dream tub, here’s the bottom line on the main features you should be looking at:

TUB SIZE AND SHAPE hottubthumbnail
THE BOTTOM LINE: With a variety of models to choose form, Jacuzzi® has the hot tub that’s tailor-made for your lifestyle, your backyard and your budget.

  • Keep in mind the size of your family and the space you’re working with when finding the Jacuzzi® hot tub that’s just right for you.
  • Our hot tubs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from tubs meant for 2 people to family-sized tubs that can comfortably fit 9.
  • Most hot tubs owners love to invite friends over for a dip, so remember to factor in guests when determining the size that’s right for your needs.

JETSunderwater jets slightlybigger
THE BOTTOM LINE: When evaluating jet type and placement, assess the different massage styles you’re looking for.

  • Unlike competitors, jets on Jacuzzi® hot tubs are fully adjustable, meaning your hot tub experience can be completely customizable.
  • Our hot tubs feature a combination of different jet types in different strategic clusters meant to mimic the various massage styles of a professional masseuse.
  • Jet placement matters more than jet count, so we arrange our jets in ergonomically-specific combinations to provide the best massage available.

SEATSunderwater seats
THE BOTTOM LINE: Regardless of whether you go with lounge seating, select the seating arrangements that best suit your body type, comfort and desired massage.

  • Suiting a variety of body types, Jacuzzi® hot tub seats are designed with ergonomic comfort and jet placement in mind.
  • When coupled with jets, each seat provides a different massage experience, so make sure the jet/seat combinations target your desired muscle groups.
  • Consider whether a lounge seat, which acts as underwater chaise lounge that positions you horizontally, is comfortable for you by checking for “float,” which occurs if the seat isn’t deep enough, or if your body is not properly placed.

SHELLJ325 OH NEW2014 thumbnail
THE BOTTOM LINE: Made from the finest, most durable materials out there, our unique variety of hot tub shells are meant to last a lifetime.

  • When you consider that the shell constitutes the main body of the hot tub, you can see why only the very best materials will do.
  • Jacuzzi® hot tubs’ proprietary TriFusion shells are eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass hot tub shells and guaranteed not to crack. 
  • Our shells feature a premium Acrylic surface made of hard, durable material that’s stain and scratch resistant, so your hot tub will retain its beauty.
  • Shells come in a variety of options and colors, meaning shell that suits your personality and your back yard.

PURIFICATION clearray-on-jacuzzicalgary
THE BOTTOM LINE: Jacuzzi® hot tubs’ CLEARRAY® water purification technology provides the cleanest possible water with the least amount of maintenance required.

  • You want hot tub water that’s sparkling clean each and every time you get in, which is where the CLEARRAY® system comes in.
  • With the built-in CLEARRAY® system, hot tub maintenance is easier than ever, taking as little as 10 minutes each week!
  • Standard on all Jacuzzi® hot tub models, the CLEARRAY® water purification system uses UV-C technology to disinfect 99% of contaminants. 
  • Say goodbye to drying out and red eyes, as CLEARRAY® reduces the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in the cleanest, softest water possible.