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Set the Mood with Hot Tub Lighting

Set the Mood with Hot Tub Lighting

While many hot tub users use their fresh and salt water spas and hot tubs during both the day and the night, there's something magical about nighttime soaking. Hot, bubbling water, massaging jets, and hot tub lighting combine to set a mood of fun, relaxation, and intimacy. If you haven't purchased your hot tub yet, getting a spa with built-in LED lighting is a great upgrade. For those who already own Jacuzzi tubs, Mississauga spa dealer, Jacuzzi Ontario, can help you select a hot tub lighting system.

There are several approaches to hot tub lighting, each of which can create a dramatic effect. For example, Jacuzzi's PowerPro IX jets combine coloured LED lights with the airflow to create the effect of coloured bubbles. It's like a champagne glass, except the colours aren't limited to the colour of champagne. Some hot tubs feature coloured lighting in waterfall features while others have external lights around the shell. Standard spa light bulbs can also be replaced with coloured LED lights for a coloured water effect throughout the spa. Similarly, you could replace the standard, clear underwater light lens with a coloured plastic lens.

In addition to lighting the water and the hot tub itself, pay attention to how you light the area where the spa is located. For example, ugly fluorescent floodlights shining in your eyes while you soak can quickly spoil the mood. On the other hand, festive rope lights or decorative strung lanterns could make the entire area appealing.

With various lighting choices, the next consideration involves what mood you want to set. Are you hosting an outdoor party? If so, festive exterior lights and eye-catching hot tub coloured lights could be an excellent choice. You could also place an underwater disco light in the spa for even more fun! On the other hand, if you want a quieter mood, choose more subdued lighting for your hot tub.