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The Clear Alternative to Hot Tub Chemicals

The Clear Alternative to Hot Tub Chemicals

When it comes to Jacuzzi tubs, Mississauga hot tub shoppers have a wealth of choices to make. However, shopping for a hot tub or spa can be overwhelming at the same time. For example, should you focus your search on fresh water or salt water spas and hot tubs? Fortunately, if you go with a Jacuzzi hot tub featuring ClearRay filtration, you'll soon see that water purification systems are the way to go.

ClearRay water purification uses UV-C technology to neutralize 99.9 per cent of waterborne pathogens. Yes, it's possible to purify water with ultraviolet light. Check out the advantages of ClearRay filtration over salt water hot tubs.

• Fewer chemicals – Tired of dumping chemicals into your hot tub? ClearRay water filtration can reduce your reliance on chemicals dramatically.

• Better skin – Since hot tubs equipped with ClearRay water purification systems use less sanitizer, you aren't exposed to as many harsh chemicals. You can expect less eye irritation and less drying out of the skin. In addition, since you won't need as much chlorine, chemical odours and green-streaked hair are less likely.

• Clean, clear hot tubs – ClearRay water purification systems run hot tub water through a UV-C light device which is attached to your plumbing system. As water flows past these lights, it becomes purified. As a result, your tub features clean, clear water without that chemical smell.

• Lower maintenance – ClearRay water filtration systems are mechanical devices that integrate with your hot tub's plumbing system. Rather than testing water constantly and dumping chemicals in to obtain the proper balance, let the UV-C light work its magic.

While equipping your hot tub or spa with a ClearRay purification system may cost a little more upfront compared to standard spa, your investment will soon prove its worth by reducing your monthly chemical expenses. Here at Jacuzzi Ontario, we're happy to discuss the merits of ClearRay water purification systems, hot tubs, and spas as well as answer any questions you may have.