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The Precision-Engineered Bliss of Jacuzzi® Brand Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs are the culmination of over
50 years of advanced hydrotherapy engineering leadership. Utilizing the latest breakthroughs in technology and ergonomics, our hot tubs are precision-engineered to maximize comfort, therapeutic benefits and style. When it comes to creating a great hot tub, we know what matters most, plain and simple. So, what’s our secret to providing a consistently-blissful hot tub experience? The answer lies in the following three components of Jacuzzi®
hot tub engineering.


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It’s no accident that your body sits perfectly in a Jacuzzi® hot tub. Here’s why:

  • Each hot tub is ergonomically designed and precisely contoured for maximum comfort.
  • The full body immersion provided by this ergonomic design prevents floating or push-around from jets.
  • The full body immersion provides the buoyancy that’s vital for pain relief.
  • Each hot tub provides optimal weight distribution for your body.
  • Postural support is also provided, so that your positioning remains comfortable and prevents back strain.


When it comes to re-creating the massage styles of a professional masseuse, it’s all about jet quality, not quantity. Instead of counting the number of jets, focus on this instead: 

  • Jet placement is key, so we arrange our jets in strategic clusters that mimic the various massage styles of a professional masseuse, such as deep tissue acupressure and soothing soft tissue massage. underwater back jets2
  • All our jets are fully adjustable so your hot tub experience can be completely unique, depending on what muscle groups you’re looking to target.

Some of the most popular jet types and functions include: 

  • Pressure Point: Strategically placed jets that stimulate the body’s acupressure points
  • Whirlpool: Jets engineered to deliver a bold and vigorous deep-muscle massage
  • Therapy: Rotating or stationary jets that create a swirling motion for high and low-impact massage
  • Relaxation: Jets mixed water with air to deliver a gentle, bubbling soothing soft tissue massage


We pride ourselves on providing versatile seating design that offers something for everyone. Whatever your specific needs may be, here’s why there’s a specialized hot tub seat out there for you:

  • Each seat is developed with a different massage experience in mind and matched with specific jets to target trigger points on muscle groups.
  • Our seating is not just contoured for exceptional comfort and postural support, but it also is made with a variety of body types in mind, so there’s a seat type out there that’s just right for you. 

Here are some of the most popular seating types:                             

  • Therapy seats: These seats provide intense, comprehensive back therapy.
  • Lounge seats: Like underwater chaise lounges, these seats are specifically designed to let you lie back and relax. 
  • Cool-down seats: By raising your body slightly above the water line, these seats slowly adjust your body temperature as you get in or out.