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Use the Jacuzzi J-375 all year

The weather is getting cooler, school is right around the corner and soon the birds will be migrating to the warm climates. Yes it's true... summer is slowly coming to an end. And sooner than you'd like, winter will be here. Thankfully, the Jacuzzi J-375 is a hot tub that can keep you toasty warm during any season change.

Jacuzzi Ontario is proud to sell the J-375. One of the most impressive features is that it's equipped to handle whatever cruel tricks the Canadian winter wants to throw at it. The J-375 is built with a ProPolymer Foundation which protects the structure and makes it able to withstand the heat or the cold. The J-375 can fit up to 6 adults, and comes with LED illuminated features, FX10 Therapy Seat, full body massage lounge seat, and 46 hydrotherapy jets. Talk about relaxing!

The PowerPro MX jets give the user a deep-tissue rejuvenation to soothe tired back muscles (great for after shovelling snow). The PowerPro BX jets provide a tension-relieving massage to the calf muscles. Finally, the Four PowerPro Therapy seats including the FX10 and full body lounge will melt away any stress you have. The J-375 is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Living in Ontario you are faced with many different weather conditions year round. The J-375 is the hot tub that suits any season. You can also choose to customize the J-375 with ProEndure UV resistant cabinetry, the Jacuzzi TriFusion System acrylic shell, or the Aquasound Stereo System. Come into one of the many Jacuzzi Ontario locations today. Enjoy the luxury and peace the J-375 can offer.