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Want some extra privacy?

Want some extra privacy?

These days, gazebos aren’t just for parks and bands. They are also very popular in Ontario homes. They can offer a quiet space to reflect and watch the world go by. Or it can be the place where you go to dine outdoors with the family. Gazebos can also be a great spot to put your hot tub in.

What can a gazebo do for you?

An enclosure for your hot tub can serve several different purposes. First and foremost, a gazebo offers privacy. When you want your hot tub trips to be more cozy or intimate, the right gazebo can let you shut out the rest of the world and relax in peace. A gazebo can serve as an extra barrier to unwanted material getting into the tub. A cover can prevent leaves and other debris from reaching your water, and with a roof over top, you need never worry about having to brush the snow off your cover. A gazebo can also offer a little extra security, or be outfitted with features such as extra seating or tables and used as a tub-side bar and lounge.

How can we help?

Jacuzzi Ontario carries two types of gazebos. The “Tahoe” is a light and airy tent-like structure with curtain walls that can be closed to keep out the elements and insects, or opened to create an open space. The “Revelstoke” model is a closed structure with windows on each wall and one entrance, which is large enough to accommodate most Jacuzzi hot tub models that we carry.

Sometimes, you just want a little time to yourself, and a gazebo can provide just that, giving your hot tub a new degree in flexibility. Next time you want to make a change; consider a gazebo, and let Jacuzzi Ontario help you get the most out of your hot tub.