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Why Buy a Swim Spa Over a Hot Tub?

Women relaxing in a Jacuzzi

If you’re in Canada, and you’ve been considering purchasing either a pool or a hot tub, you may have come across an interesting hybrid: the swim spa.

Swim spas were invented in the 1980s, but didn’t become popular until the last decade or so. These unique spas are sort of a combination of both a hot tub and a swimming pool. They’re small and affordable, yet can offer you the same workout options as a full-sized pool.

Curious about whether or not you should buy a swim spa? This article can help you to take an in-depth look at swim spas, and determine whether or not a swim spa is right for you.

What is a Swim Spa?

At first glance, swim spas look a lot like a traditional hot tub, but much bigger. However, they differ in a number of ways. The primary difference is that swim spas come standard with a method of generating a strong current. Using a paddle-wheel device, fan, or jet propulsion, water can be moved at a speed of 2-8.5 mph – providing a constant, powerful current.

This current allows a swim spa to be used to swim laps and exercise. This is because the water flow stays constant, so you’ll never hit the end of the spa while working out!

Typically, swim spas are broken into two different sections. The primary section of the spa allows you to work out in deeper water, while a smaller area of the spa features water jets and seating, which allows you to relax once you finish your workout.

Smaller swim spas are typically not heated like hot tubs. However, larger models may have “dual-zone” heating. This allows one side of the spa to remain cool for exercise, while the other is warm, and can be used to relax, just like a hot tub – which is certainly one of the biggest benefits of swim spas!

What Can Swim Spas Be Used For?

Swim spas can be used for a huge variety of activities, such as:

●        Swimming laps

●        Water aerobics

●        Water yoga

●        Rowing

●        Water walking exercises

Some swim spas even offer attachment points for fitness equipment like exercise bands, making them an all-in-one underwater gym! And because most swim spas offer waterjets and in-spa seating, you can also relax in your swim spa after a tough workout.

Should I Choose a Swim Spa or a Hot Tub?

Swim spas can be a great choice if you love exercising and physical activities, or have a large family with a lot of children. Typically, swim spas are larger than hot tubs, so this makes it easier to accommodate a larger number of swimmers.

However, a hot tub may be a better choice if you’re just looking for a place to relax after a long day, and you’re not interested in working out in your own backyard.

In the end, there is no “better” choice. Swim spas are fantastic for fitness enthusiasts, while hot tubs are usually better for relaxing.

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