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Combining Exercise and Relaxation

All Season Pools perfectly blend backyard fitness with the amazing wellness benefits of hydrotherapy, ultimately delivering a completely unique spa experience. The patented jet technology not only brings a powerful swim current ideal for swimming laps and resistance training, but they can also deliver a therapeutic head-to-toe massage to target your most stress-prone areas. Read on to learn more about the specific fitness and wellness benefits that an All Season Pool has to offer.

Improve Your Fitness With an All Season Pool

All Season Pool in Burlington, Ontario


All Season Pools are expertly engineered to create the perfect environment for a full-body workout. Divided into six “zones”, each designed to target a different part of the body, aquatic circuit training provides the perfect blend of aerobic activity and strength building exercises that burn more calories than many other workouts.

All Season Pool swim spa in Ontario


Experience a seamless swim workout, every time. Forget turning around or pushing off a wall, swim continuously and enjoy a more effective and uninterrupted workout. The adjustable swim current delivers resistance to best suit your needs, while the advanced stabilization of the jets and unique shell design keeps you centred and focused.

All Season Pool swim spa in Ontario


Equal parts of fun and exercise, the WaveRider Current Control allows you to adjust the current in your All Season Pool to create a wave pool where you can enjoy hours of fun using a tethered boogie board to simulate riding a wave in open water. Perfect for people of all ages, the WaveRider helps to improve balance and strength as the waves impact your boogie board.

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Healing Both
Mind and Body

Hydrotherapy, also known as water-based therapy, works by combining warm water, powerful jets and buoyancy, for an invigorating and satisfying experience that can benefit both your body and mind. For centuries, people have recognized the healing properties of hydrotherapy. In fact, spending just 20 minutes in your All Season Pool can help to:

✓ Mitigate the symptoms of muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries
✓ Improve blood flow and circulation
✓ Alleviate back pain
✓ Ease the symptoms of arthritis
✓ Help restore range of motion
✓ Bring the body into a calmer state

Take Your Health and
Wellness to the Next Level

Therapeutic Benefits

Perhaps the biggest advantage to having an All Season Pool is that it perfectly combines backyard fitness with water-based therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, to deliver unparalleled health and wellness benefits that can improve your overall quality of life. After experiencing an amazing full-body swim workout, simply turn on the jets and let the amazing hydrotherapy massage soothe your muscles and joints, delivering head-to-toe health and wellness benefits.

Low-Impact Exercise

The natural buoyancy of the water alleviates approximately 90 percent of your body weight, helping to take pressure off your muscles and joints. This allows you to get the most out of your workout, without the aches and pains that typically follow strenuous activity. Plus, the water allows for your body to improve flexibility and range of motion giving your muscles and joints a better stretch, while adding a little resistance comfortably so that you can still benefit from your workout.

Jet-Driven Massage

The expertly engineered jets, jet placement and ergonomic seating in an All Season Pool deliver the perfect mixture of water and air. This offers both deep and soft tissue massage options, enabling you to customize your spa experience to suit your needs. With a range of jet patterns, you’ll be able to tailor your massage to work stress-prone areas like your neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and even the bottoms of your feet. With multi-level seating, you get the perfect massage every time, no matter your height.


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