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Hot Tub Video Gallery

Learn more about Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs from our extensive video gallery.

The Beginnings of Hydrotherapy

Jacuzzi Innovations

How to Use Alexa With Your Jacuzzi® SmartTub

How Hydrotherapy Works

Jacuzzi: Making Life More Enjoyable

Hot Tub Shopping With Confidence

Human Attraction to Water

Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs

Hot Tub and Sauna Crane Delivery

Hot Tub Installation

Jacuzzi History

Jacuzzi Lounge Seating

Dealer Experience

J-LX® Energy-Efficient Collection

Kensington Market Delivery

Jacuzzi® Aqualibrium™

The Jacuzzi® Solution

Jacuzzi Delivery, Maintenance & Warranty

Natural Stress Relief

The Jacuzzi Hot Tub Story with Ken Jacuzzi

CLEARRAY® Water Purification System

Why purchase a Jacuzzi?

How to Replace the CLEARRAY® UV-C Bulb

How to Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

How to Replace the CLEARRAY® UV-C Bulb

How to Raise Your Chlorine

How to Raise Your Bromine

How to Raise Your Calcium Hardness

How to Raise Your Water pH

How to Lower Your Water pH

How to Lower Your Water Alkalinity

How to Raise Your Water Alkalinity

ClearRay® Ozone Protect

CLEARRAY® UV Technology

SwimLife WaterWatch

J-445 Jacuzzi Hot Tub

J-435 Jacuzzi Hot Tub

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team and Hydrotherapy

Smartop Cover Commonly Asked Questions

Smartop Cover Vanish Review

Demonstrating The Smartop Cover Upright

The Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

The Best Infrared Sauna Features!

Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas Overview

About the Halo Microsalt SaltProX

Halo Microsalt SaltProX Maintenance

How to Use the Halo Microsalt SaltProX