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Halotherapy for Your Infrared Sauna

Designed to ease breathing discomfort and promote healthy skin, halotherapy or salt therapy is a holistic treatment that mimics the environment and climate of natural salt caverns. Deep-rooted in ancient healing practices, halotherapy has become a popular spa treatment that thanks to the halotherapy generator is making its way into the average home. Talk to our experts at Jacuzzi Ontario today about the high-quality halotherapy generator provided by Jacuzzi® brand infrared saunas. This can be hung on the inside wall of your sauna or used in any other small, confined space, so you can breathe easy and soak in the benefits of halotherapy.

Halo Therapy Salt Pro X1 in Ontario


In the 1840s, Polish doctor Feliks Boczkowski discovered something while treating workers in the Wieleczka Salt Mines. Unlike other miners who routinely experienced lung problems from breathing in the pollutants in the mines, he found that patients rarely had respiratory issues. This was attributed to the high salt content in the cave’s microclimate and he published a treatise detailing his theories. Several years later one of his pupils opened the first salt inhalation clinic in Poland. This wasn’t the first time people had drawn the connection between salt content in the air and improved respiratory health. Salt therapy was also used in the days of ancient Greece and Rome.


Not everyone has access to salt caves. This makes halotherapy generators a great option for incorporating salt therapy into your wellness routine. One of the best solutions on the market is the Microsalt Halotherapy Generator. You can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy. It grinds pharmaceutical grade salt into micronized particles, which are then dispersed into your Jacuzzi® infrared sauna. The Microsalt SaltProX generates a high-quality, ultra fine salt aerosol that spreads through the entire sauna cabin. This allows the healing powers of the salt to reach the deepest parts of your lungs, providing your body with the maximum potential benefits.

The Benefits of Salt Therapy

The powerful healing properties of halotherapy are earning the attention of some of the world’s most advanced medical institutions and publications. Clinical studies have shown that when people inhale this salty air, it can help stimulate their respiratory system, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages and reduce discomfort.

People around the world using halotherapy claim to be free of issues and illnesses like asthma, stress, depression, eczema, and sinus infections, all thanks to halotherapy. See more halotherapy benefits and methods for adding salt therapy to your Jacuzzi® infrared sauna. Health benefits of salt therapy include aid in treatment of conditions such as asthma, colds, depressions, eczema, dry skin, allergies, and much more.

Why Use Halotherapy?

Salt is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can help with excessive mucus, pathogen agents, digestive issues, depression, skin conditions, and immune system oversensitivity. With all of these properties, it’s easy to see that incorporating salt therapy into your life can help remedy a range of health issues.

Microsalt is especially effective when used for respiratory and skin conditions. In the respiratory system, the main halotherapy benefits help stimulate the body’s process of cleansing the system to eliminate foreign particles such as pollutants and allergens to restore proper respiratory functions. Halotherapy also helps improve mental health and boosts mood. Salt contains negatively charged ions that leave you feeling invigorated, positive, and stress-free. Salt therapy can help level out your mood and improve sleep.

The Perfect Combination for Your Well-Being

Great comfort factor, simple operation and maintenance as well as a handy format: SaltProX is the first Microsalt device especially for private customers. The positive effects of dry salt have been proven in many scientific studies. This unique and patented Microsalt technology is now easily available and affordable for private households, thanks to SaltProX. SaltProX can be harmoniously integrated in any heating cabin with its modern and timeless design and thanks to its battery operation, it can be used very flexibly.

There are many good reasons for a sauna or infrared cabin. Here‘s one more: With SaltProX, any sauna or infrared cabin can be converted into a salt inhalation room, because we designed it for use in heating cabins as only here the humidity can be adjusted to less than 40% relative humidity without a problem, so that a pleasant microclimate with a high salt-aerosol concentration is created. This dry salt aerosol is distributed evenly in the cabin. The result: maximum benefit for you with minimum effort.

The Advantages of the Microsalt Concept

A stiff breeze blows in your face, water splashes around your feet. The taste of salt on your lips. A visit to the seaside simply feels good. Not just for the soul, but especially the airways. That is why the Microsalt application is particularly useful for people with respiratory disorders. With its invisible grinding technology, Microsalt SaltProX generates a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which then spreads in the entire cabin. The application of Microsalt results in an in-depth cleaning of the airways right down to the finest alveoli as well as the cleansing and revitalization of the skin. Regular inhalations can also support the immune system.

Microsalt is especially recommended for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis or chronic lung diseases. Microsalt is also suitable for people frequently suffering from colds or struggling with sinusitis, as well as for people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depressions.

Sophisticated Technology Leads
to an Easy Salt Inhalation

With its invisible grinding technology, Microsalt SaltProX generates a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which then spreads in the entire cabin. Because of the friction of the individual salt crystals, these are crushed to a very fine powder and get also negatively charged. The resulting ionization of individual salt particles boosts the distribution in the room and thus also the cleaning of the air, that is constantly in touch with the airways and the skin. When inhaling, these fine salt particles – unlike with conventional salt applications – spread across the entire respiratory system, from the nose, the sinuses, the throat to the extreme lung areas, and can have an expectorant effect here.

Microsalt SaltProX in Canada


Simply preheat the heating cabin to 30 to 50°C, place the device inside, then switch on the main switch and insert the salt container in the device. After pressing the start/stop button, the device starts with the salt-aerosol production. After about ten minutes, there is an optimal dry salt concentration, and the colour of the lighting changes from orange to blue. Now you can start with your inhalation. After an hour, the device will switch off automatically.

Microsalt SaltProX in Ontario


Microsalt SaltProX uses specially portioned salt sticks that contain the optimal dose of dry, high-grade salt for one application. The quantity contained in the sticks is designed for the maximum recommended application duration of one hour. To get the device ready for use, simply remove the cup from the device and insert the content of a salt stick together with the stainless steel crushing ball. Afterwards, just place the cup back in the device – done.

Sauna S1 Microsalt SaltProX in Ontario


This procedure is extremely easy, because the holding bracket automatically guides the salt cup into the right position. The assembly of SaltProX is also child’s play: the device is fastened to the wall with the supplied wall holding bracket and can be easily removed again at any time. After about 1.5 hours charging time, the battery will have sufficient charge for three to five applications.

Microsalt by Klafs Saunas and Spas

Experience halotherapy for yourself, from the comfort of your very own at-home sauna. With help from the Microsalt SaltProX System by KLAFS Saunas and Spas, you can experience all of the benefits of halotherapy and dry salt aerosol therapy when it best suits you. Microsalt is a revolutionary dry salt aerosol treatment that can benefit your health, without the need for medication and without unwanted side effects. Regular exposure to a dry salt aerosol environment can have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of your lungs, upper airways and skin. It can also help to strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to certain illnesses and conditions, such as allergies, sinusitis, colds, flu, and laryngitis, among others.

Boost Your Health With the Luxury of Fine Dry Salt Inhalation From the Comfort of Your Sauna

  • In-depth cleaning of the airways
  • Dry salt aerosols have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect
  • Dry salt aerosols stimulate the removal of mucus and dirt from the airways
  • Cleansing and revitalization of the skin
  • Supported immune system
  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Overall happier and healthier lifestyle

Microsalt is recommended for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and/or chronic lung diseases and those who suffer from colds or sinusitis, skin diseases, sleep disorders and depression. Microsalt systems are designed and engineered for a user-friendly experience, geared toward comfort, relaxation and simple operation and maintenance endeavours. To learn more about the many benefits of dry salt inhalation, get in touch with the experts at your local Jacuzzi Ontario location.

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