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How to Save Money on the Maintenance of Your Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub is an investment in your health, well-being, and personal enjoyment, and you probably want to get the most value for your money. Use the tips below to extend the life of your hot tub — and save money in the process.

  • Adjust the thermostat — Most hot tubs come with their temperatures preset to a high upper limit. You may find this setting too hot, and it uses more energy. By adjusting the thermostat down a degree or two, you’ll reduce the hot tub’s energy consumption. The Jacuzzi®’s heater and pumps will also run less often, resulting in less wear and tear.  
  • Turn off the heater when going on vacation or when you anticipate not need to use the hot tub for a while — Why heat the hot tub if you’re away on vacation? Switching off the heat will reduce your energy bill.  
  • Take advantage of off-peak hours — Many utilities have lower energy rates during off-peak hours. Thus, it makes sense to heat your hot tub when energy rates are the lowest. Use a timer and set the heating cycle accordingly. When you go on vacation, you could set the timer so that the hot tub is not heated at all while you’re away and then have it start heating the tub the night before you return.  
  • Winterize your hot tub — Some hot tub owners use their hot tubs year-round, others don’t. While your local hot tub dealer will charge a service fee for winterizing the hot tub, this preventative maintenance task is essential in protecting the hot tub’s pipes and components from freezing temperatures.  
  • Adjust the pump cycle — If your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub uses an energy-efficient, continuous circulation pump, it’s designed to run continuously. If your hot tub does not use this technology, consider adjusting the filtration cycle so that it runs during off-peak hours. You may also be able to trim the amount of time it runs. For example, instead of a four-hour filtration cycle, try three or three and a half hours.  
  • Invest in a floating thermal blanket — These floating thermal blankets are easy to use, and they keep heat in. Not only do they reduce heat loss, they also reduce evaporation, saving money on both your electric and water bills. Moreover, a thermal blanket adds a barrier between hot tub water and your cover, thus increasing the life of your hot tub cover.  
  • Invest in a high-quality hot tub cover — Hot tub covers keep debris out of your tub and helps to reduce heat loss. By reducing grime and windblown dirt and leaves, you’ll find yourself draining and physically scrubbing out the tub less often. A good quality hot tub cover can pay for itself over time in reduced energy and water bills and maintenance costs.  
  • Buy a power cost monitor — Power cost monitors cost less than $100. This one-time investment could prove to be eye-opening, and habit changing, as it will tell you exactly how much energy your hot tub and other electrical items around the home are using at any time. By understanding your real consumption costs, you can change your energy usage.

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