Infrared Sauna Shopping: Quality vs. Price

Products and brands are defined by the position they hold in the marketplace and Clearlight sets itself apart by manufacturing goods known for their high quality. The Clearlight name is synonymous with attention to detail and lasting design. Consumers will always look around for a ‘‘better’ deal, but when they do this, they push themselves to make compromises on quality in key areas such as longevity or build materials. In this post, we take a look at the great debate in infrared sauna shopping, and why cheaper is rarely better.

Infrared Sauna Heating – True Wave Heaters

The first and most important issue to keep in mind when shopping around for an infrared sauna is what kind of infrared you’re actually getting.  They are also the only infrared sauna brand to offer near, mid, and far spectrum infrared in the form of True Wave Full Spectrum heaters.  The reliance on far infrared only is also why the competition’s heating elements also tend to be larger (towering wastefully over your head in many cases), and why they use more energy.

Additionally, the human body resonates 9.4 microns. Clearlight® Saunas’ patented True Wave heaters resonate between 6 and 12 microns, with a large percentage of microns resonating at 9.4. With the Clearlight brand, you’re not just sitting in a ‘hot box’, you’re receiving true therapy.

Infrared Sauna Materials

The reason the Clearlight brand is able to be so confident in its product isn’t just the Italian-ispired design, with glass ceilings – it’s the materials. Josh Vankleek, one of Jacuzzi Ontario’s sauna experts, explains why these infrared saunas are a cut above the rest:

“All the wood is Canadian hardwood from British Columbia. It’s construction-grade wood, which is a massive benefit. It’s not going to take on moisture, warp, or otherwise change its shape. And you’ve got two finish options: grade A western red cedar or north american basswood. The cedar has natural fungicidal properties and the basswood is hypoallergenic, there’s really no downside to either.”

Another infrared sauna might be less expensive because of the quality of the wood it’s built from (typically hemlock or pine), and that could easily mean warping and rot further down the line. If you’ve made the decision to benefit from your own infrared sauna, it makes sense to choose a product that will last for years, not fall apart after a few winters. The Clearlight Brand also backs up their products with a lifetime warranty–something no other competitor offers.

The Features of Clearlight® Saunas

There are some other additions which make investing a little extra on a Clearlight® infrared sauna worth every cent.

The first is app control – users are able to turn their sauna on remotely from their phone before they want to enjoy it, so it’s already up to temperature by the time they open the door. ‘Reservation Mode’ lets you program your sauna up to 24 hours in advance.

Medical-grade Chromotherapy lights use 96 LED bulbs to wash the users in colour, restoring balance and harmony to the body. Bluetooth stereo and a USB charging port make for a more convenient experience.

It’s these finishing touches that make a Clearlight®  Infrared Sauna so pleasurable to own, and why we are the leading brand in the business. If you’re interested in learning more about why an Clearlight® Infrared Sauna is a great choice for any budget, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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