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Jacuzzi for Life

Imagine being able to indulge in all of the healing benefits of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub without the added stress of having to care for, maintain or replace it?

Jacuzzi Ontario has made your dream a reality with the Jacuzzi for Life program. Jacuzzi for Life is an exclusive customer program and is the only one of its kind in the entire industry. Jacuzzi® Hot Tub owners in the GTA, Kitchener, Barrie, and London are provided with a world-class hot tub ownership experience – for life.

With Jacuzzi for Life, a customer purchases any J-300™, J-400™, J-500™ or J-LX® Collection hot tub, Jacuzzi Ontario will from then on perform all preventative maintenance with Jacuzzi® Brand products. The Jacuzzi for Life customer will also receive a new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub every three years. By taking the added stress of maintenance, repairs, and replacement out of owning a hot tub, Jacuzzi for Life provides customers in Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas with the best experience available on the market.


Jacuzzi for Life truly provides customers with an exceptional lifelong hot tub ownership experience. Jacuzzi for Life saves our customers both time and money with no hassle maintenance programs like:

  •          Draining
  •          Cleaning
  •          Filling
  •          Conditioning cabinets, steps, and covers
  •          Cleaning filters
  •          Balancing water

Not only will we conduct regular 21-point inspections but we also provide an included annual service and warranty inspection too. Since you will be receiving a new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub once every three years you can forget worrying about your warranty expiring or what it covers. Replacement covers and cover lifts are also included in the program, just give Jacuzzi Ontario a call and make an appointment for your replacement.

The savings just keep on coming! Jacuzzi for Life customers can save 15% off Jacuzzi® Brand water care products and accessories for life! All of these added benefits ensure that your hot tub is always running efficiently and in the best shape possible.

The benefits of Jacuzzi for Life allow you to experience the benefits of Jacuzzi® Brand hot tubs for a long time to come. Not only does a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub give you a place to unwind and indulge in serenity at the end of a long or stressful day, but there are many added health benefits too! Jacuzzi for Life gives you the opportunity to enhance your mental and physical health for a long time to come.

With Jacuzzi for Life, you can experience the luxury of stress-free maintenance and brand new technology every three years for the rest of your life.


You have the option of purchasing any J-300™, J-400™, J-500™ or J-LX® Collection hot tub. When you are looking for a hot tub, it’s important to take your personal desires and needs into consideration. You may want to consider how many people you will need to accommodate, budget and available space designated for your hot tub. Factors like these can be discussed with your Jacuzzi Ontario sales representative.

Interested? Contact Jacuzzi Ontario today to speak with one of our highly-qualified sales representatives to get started.

You can experience the luxurious and high-quality benefits that Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have to offer – for life!

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Jacuzzi for Life

Our Jacuzzi for Life Program

We have an exclusive customer program that might be perfect for you. Jacuzzi for Life is the only program of its kind in our industry and can only be offered by the industry leader – Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. This program is in place for one reason, which is to provide Jacuzzi® Hot Tub owners in Southern Ontario with a world-class hot tub ownership experience – for life. The program has been developed to save the customer time, inconvenience, and most importantly, money.

Program Outline

The program is simple. Purchase any J-300™, J-LX®, J-400™, or J-500™ collection hot tub and entrust us to perform the preventative maintenance on your hot tub using genuine Jacuzzi® Hot Tub water care and maintenance products and you will receive a NEW Jacuzzi® Hot Tub every 3 years.

No strings attached!

Save time and money, all while having convenient access to the best spa experience available. This program was developed exclusively with Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs corporate to ensure that spa owners in Southern Ontario receive the ultimate hot tub experience. This program is intended to create a Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs customer for life!

No strings attached!

  • Exceptional World Class Ownership Experience
  • Save Time and Money with No Hassle Maintenance programs including: Drain, Clean, Fill, Condition Cabinet/Steps/Cover, Clean Filters, and Balance Water
  • Performing 21 point inspections
  • Annual Service and Warranty inspection
  • Never out of warranty
  • No trip charges
  • Never have to purchase a replacement cover or cover lifter
  • Save 15% off Genuine ® Hot Tubs water care products and accessories
  • Hot Tub is always looking and running “like new”
  • Ability to upgrade to larger or different model
  • New Technology every 3 years

Learn more about Jacuzzi for Life

Once you own a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, you’ll wonder how you ever went without. And with this exclusive program, you can enjoy the luxury and benefits for the rest of your life. Watch the video below to learn more about the Jacuzzi For Life program or simply contact your local Jacuzzi Ontario location today.

Interested in the Jacuzzi for Life Program?

Check out some of our best-selling Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs right here!

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