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Jacuzzi® For Life

A world-class hot tub ownership experience


Jacuzzi for Life

We have an exclusive customer program called "Jacuzzi for Life". It is the only program of its kind in our industry and can only be offered by the industry leader - Jacuzzi®. This program is in place for one reason: To provide Ontario Jacuzzi® hot tub owners a world class hot tub ownership experience - for life. The program has been developed to save the customer time, inconvenience, and most importantly - money.

  • Program Outline

    The program is simple. Purchase any 300, LX, 400, or 500 series hot tub and entrust us to perform the preventative maintenance on your hot tub using genuine Jacuzzi® water care and maintenance products and you will receive a NEW Jacuzzi® hot tub every 3 years.

    No strings attached!

    Simply put: You will save time, money and will never be without the absolute best hot tub experience in the world! This program was developed exclusively with Jacuzzi® corporate to ensure that Ontario Jacuzzi® Hot Tub owners receive the ultimate hot tub experience. This program is intended to create a Jacuzzi® customer for life!

  • Customer Benefits

    • Exceptional World Class Ownership Experience
    • Save Time and Money with No Hassle Maintenance programs including: Drain, Clean, Fill, Condition Cabinet/Steps/Cover, Clean Filters, and Balance Water
    • Performing 21 point inspections
    • Annual Service and Warranty inspection
    • Never out of warranty
    • No trip charges
    • Never have to purchase a replacement cover or cover lifter
    • Save 15% off Genuine Jacuzzi® water care products and accessories
    • Hot Tub is always looking and running “like new”
    • Ability to upgrade to larger or different model
    • New Technology every 3 years

Interested in the Jacuzzi for life program? Start by building your perfect hot tub. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.