MSRP: $12,995

Sale Price: $10,995

6 Months No Interest No Payments
during our Black Friday Red Tag Fusion Event
Monthly Payments: $120.26
J-200™ Collection Inclusions:
  • ClearRay UV-C Technology – Valued at $1599
  • Jacuzzi Starter Kit with Spa Solution  – Valued at $299
  • Delivery $699
  • Cover $699
  • Electrical $1,300 (minus select models)

Classic Round Hot Tub

The round J-210™ model boasts a powerful rotational jet, whirlpool jet and foot mound jets for a full-body hydromassage. With room for up to five adults, this portable hot tub features a compact profile, so you can conveniently place it indoors or outdoors. All models in the J-200™ Collection are available with an optional alternative insulation system. This innovative insulation can help to retain and regulate the water temperature, lowering costs associated with heating the water and creating a more enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones. For more information about the J-210™ model, contact or visit your local Jacuzzi Ontario hot tub store today. Our team of home and backyard leisure specialists would be more than happy to help you find the best hot tub for your home, budget and overall lifestyle.

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Seating Capacity


Hot Tub Jets



78" x 36" (198 cm x 91 cm)

Lounge Seat


J-210™ Hot Tub Specifications

J-210™ hot tub
Estimated Monthly Operating Cost: $13.32
Estimated Monthly Operating Cost with SmartSeal®: N/A
Seating Capacity: 4-5
Lounge Seat: No
Jets: 19
Dimensions: 78" x 36" (198 cm x 91 cm)
Spa Volume: 240 gal (908 litres)
Filled Weight: 3112 lbs (1412 kg)
Dry Weight: 527 lbs (239 kg)
Primary Pump: 2 speed, 1.5 continuous hp (2.5 brake hp*)
Secondary Pump: N/A
Circulation Pump: No
Purification: CLEARRAY® Water Management System
Filtration: Classic filtration
Filters: 1 - 50 sq ft filter (hydro)
Electrical: 120VAC 60 Hz 15A / 240 VAC 60Hz 30A or 40A

Find the right hot tub for your lifestyle today.

Seating in the J-210™ Hot Tub

J-210™ Classic Back and Shoulder Seat

Targeted shoulder and lower back jets combined with wide mid-back jets offer tension relief.

J-210™ Classic Back seat

Wide mid-back jets and a large lower back jet relieves strained muscles.

Shell and Cabinet Options



  • Midnight

    midnight + $0.00

  • Monaco

    Monaco + $0.00

  • Platinum

    platinum + $0.00

  • Porcelain

    porcelain + $0.00

  • Sahara

    sahara + $0.00

  • Silver Pearl

    silver pearl + $0.00


  • Teak

    teak + $0.00

  • Roasted Chestnut

    roasted chestnut + $0.00

  • Silverwood

    silverwood + $0.00

Total Price


Base Price $0.00 + shell $0 + cabinet $0 + cabinet $0

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