MSRP: $22,495

Sale Price: $17,495

unwrap a jacuzzi® hot tub event
with double rebates!
Monthly Payments: $190.40
J-400™ Collection Inclusions:
  • ClearRay UV-C Technology – Valued at $1599
  • ClearRay PRO3TECT System – Valued at $499
  • SmartSeal Insulation – Valued at $499
  • Jacuzzi Starter Kit with Spa Solution  – Valued at $299
  • Delivery $699
  • Cover $995
  • Electrical $1,300

Compact Designer Hot Tub with Open Seating

While the low-profile making for easier entrance and exit, the compact J-425™ Hot Tub may be smaller in size, but it boasts premium PowerPro® Jets and elegant style. This luxury spa includes a unique high back design protects you from the elements. This Jacuzzi® Hot Tub design comfortably sits 4-5 adults, making it the ideal hot tub for family and friend gatherings. This J-400™ Collection hot tub has ProFinish™ cabinetry and optional corner accent lighting, an at-a-glance indicator light, and touch screen control panel, the J-425™ hot tub is stunning in any patio or backyard space.

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Seating Capacity


Hot Tub Jets



76" x 87" x 34 - 40" (193 cm x 221 cm x 86 cm - 101.6 cm)

Lounge Seat


J-425™ Hot Tub Specifications

J-425™ hot tub
Estimated Monthly Operating Cost: $13.03
Estimated Monthly Operating Cost with SmartSeal®: $10.30
Seating Capacity: 4-5
Lounge Seat: No
Jets: 35
Dimensions: 76" x 87" x 34 - 40" (193 cm x 221 cm x 86 cm - 101.6 cm)
Spa Volume: 320 gal (1211 litres)
Filled Weight: 4279 lbs (1941 kg)
Dry Weight: 776 lbs (352 kg)
Primary Pump: 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (5.1 brake hp*)
Secondary Pump: 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (5.1 brake hp*)
Circulation Pump: Yes
Purification: CLEARRAY® Water Management System
Filtration: ProClarity™ Filtration System with Grill, Skimming Weir + ProCatch Bag
Filters: 1 - ProClarity® Depth Load Filter (circ), 1- ProClarity® 40 sq ft. filter (circ), 1- ProClear® 60 sq ft. filter (hydro)
Electrical: 240VAC 60 Hz 40A, 50A or 60A

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Seating in the J-425™ Hot Tub

J-425™ Bold Back Seat

Uses spiral action to deliver a bold targeted massage to the back to relieve tension and improve circulation.

J-425™ High-performance Seat

Delivers relief to the back and shoulders utilizing spinning and rifling actions to deliver the highest performance hydromassage we offer.

J-425™ MX2 Jet Therapy Seat

This deeply contoured seat covers the broad muscles of the back with a bold massage to relieve tension. Jets along the legs also target calf muscles for a full-body experience.

Shell and Cabinet Options



  • Midnight

    midnight + $0.00

  • Monaco

    monaco + $0.00

  • Platinum

    platinum + $0.00

  • Porcelain

    porcelain + $0.00

  • Sahara

    Sahara + $0.00

  • Silver Pearl

    silver pearl + $0.00


  • Brushed Gray

    Brushed Gray + $0.00

  • Modern Hardwood

    Modern Hardwood + $0.00

  • Smoked Ebony

    Smoked Ebony + $0.00

Total Price


Base Price $0.00 + shell $0 + cabinet $0

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