Mississauga, Ontario

Your Closest Jacuzzi Ontario Location and Showroom to Mississauga, Ontario is:
Jacuzzi Vaughan
110 Rutherford Road
Vaughan, ON, Canada L4K 0B1

About the Jacuzzi Vaughan Showroom and Hot Tub Store

As Ontario’s largest Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Infrared Sauna dealer, Jacuzzi Ontario has 7 locations including our showroom in Vaughan which services the community of Mississauga.     Open 7 days a week, were a 28 minute drive from Mississauga in good traffic conditions.   This showroom features a wide selection of hot tubs and infrared saunas all on display for you to see in person.

Please note that with the current health advisory, please book an appointment to visit our showroom so we can ensure both your safety and that of our staff.    Call us at 905-635-0670 to book a time or speak to a team member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Your Jacuzzi Vaughan store deliver and service my hot tub in Markham ?
Absolutely. Markham is part of our service area for our Jacuzzi Vaughan store. We can deliver your new hot tub to your backyard in Markham, install it if needed and provide on going service.
If I need chemicals and accessories for my hot tub - will you mail them to me ?
Yes. Our online store at www.hottubstore.ca has all the chemicals and supplies you need and will be delivered right to your door in Markham.
Are there any building codes or regulations in Markham that I need to be aware of if I install a new Jacuzzi Hot Tub ?
Every community / municipality has variations in their bylaws and building codes. Our team in Vaughan can answer any questions regarding your installation. Their phone number is 289-472-5066

Your Mississauga, Ontario neighbours have one

See the amazing installations from the community below and click to be inspired.

J-495 Jacuzzi Hot Tub in Ontario
Sanctuary 3 Infrared Sauna
Jacuzzi Sanctuary 3 infrared sauna in Ontario
Starting From $11,495

Mississauga, Ontario hot tub and sauna experts

Our expert team in [post:category] is on-hand to help you find the perfect hot tub or infrared sauna for your home in [post:title].  We can answer any questions you may have including installation and foundation requirements, as well as how to take care of your new hot tub.  

Visit our showroom today in [post:category] and browse our terrific selection of floor models in hot tubs, infrared saunas and swim spas. 

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