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Nordic Hot Tubs™



Stella MS™

Stella MS™

Designed with hydrotherapy and value in mind

Seating Capacity: 3
Dimensions: 62 in. x 84 in. x 34 in. ( 157.5 cm x 213.4 cm x 86.4 cm)
Spa Volume: Approx. 250 gallons (946.4 litres)
Jets: 21

  • The Nordic Stella MS™ is designed with Hydrotherapy and Value in mind. It has deep bucket seats and a lounger with DTSTM whirlpool for a full body massage. Jets abound and has a premium foot well light and optional Northern Light Package. Enjoy gazing at the Stars, in our Brightest Star... the Stella MS™. Nordic's DTS™ whole-body therapy releases lactic acid from all areas of the body, allowing oxygen to flow freely. Nordic's dual-therapy system offers a significant advantage over other spas that offer only targeted hydrotherapy. If you are shopping for a spa be sure you are getting the "whole" story.

    • Overview

      Seating Capacity: 3 Adults
      Dimensions: 62 in. x 84 in. ( 157.5 cm x 213.4 cm)
      Depth: 34 in. (86.4 cm)
      Width: 62 in. (157.5 cm)
      Length: 84 in. (213.4 cm)
      Average Spa Volume: Approx. 250 gal. (946.4 L)
      Dry Weight: Approx. 416 lbs. (188.7 kg)
      Pump (2 Speed): 1 (1.5 hp)
      Filter: EZ Top Load
      Air Controls: 4
      Control Pad: Solid State Programmable
      Insulation: Standard 2 lbs.
      Heater: 1kw on 110v / 4kw on 220v
      Light: Foot well LED Standard, Mood Lighting Optional
      Drain System: Yes
      Equipment Access: Yes
      Stereo: Optional Upgrade
    • Electrical

      Volts: 110 V / 220 V
      Amps: 15 / 40 amps


      Cabinetry: Mahogany, Cedar, Teak, Pecan, Charcoal
      Shell: White, French Vanilla, Glacier White, Graystone, Silver, Sandstone, Starlight Black, Starlight Blue, Starlight Green


      Total Jet Package: 21
      Turbo / Whirlpool Jets: 1
      Foot / Leg Jets: 8
      Ozonator Ready Jets: 1
      Waterfall Jet: 1

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