Simple Solutions For A Complete Hot Tub Lifestyle

A few simple add-ons can make a world of difference when it comes to completing your all-inclusive hot tub lifestyle. The first 100 days of owning your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is the perfect time to fully equip yourself with everything you need so that you’ll never have to leave your ultimate back yard oasis. To help get you started, here are some of our favorite, easy-to-implement hot tub solutions.


No matter what the weather’s like, maximize everyone’s comfort with these ideas. A cabinet of plush, fluffy towels and robes ready keeps everyone warm when they’re not in the tub. Towel racks and towel trees keep towels, robes, and slippers dry and clean. A spa step like the Handi-Step we offer looks great provides easy entrance into your hot tub and lasts for years to come. Swing-arm umbrellas provide adjustable shade and protection from unpredictable weather when you need it. Privacy screens create a secluded getaway that’s hidden from view.


Keep the cold drinks flowing and your stomach from growling with these accessories. A sturdy set of plastic cups and can cozies ensure that everyone can enjoy a cold drink without the danger of broken glass. Floating drink and snack caddies give you and your guests the luxury of savoring food and drinks in style. An outdoor mini-fridge is great for always keeping ice-cold drinks within arm’s reach. A stainless steel ice bucket and tongs help to keep everyone’s drinks chilled with a steady supply of ice cubes.


Make sure no one gets bored with these easy ideas for constant entertainment. Floating board games and waterproof cards provide competitive fun for all ages. Floating disco balls get the party really started by casting multi-colored lights throughout the water. Candles or twinkling lights help to boost the romantic ambiance on date night. Either a good book or your favorite magazine is great for decompressing with a relaxing read. 

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