Smartop® Spa Covers

Access Your Spa with Ease and Comfort

Introducing Smartop® Spa Covers: the simple and comfortable way to gain access to your spa. With Smartop® Spa Covers, lifting the cover is a safe and simple operation that can be done in mere seconds. Forget about having to awkwardly lift a heavy spa cover to get inside, Smartop® makes it easy with built-in and user-friendly cover lift technology.

Improve Your Spa Experience Today

Speaking of technology, spa technology is rapidly developing and improving. Why shouldn’t the accessories that go along with them improve too? When you think about it, the spa cover is arguably one of the most essential accessories.

The right hot tub or all season pool cover can protect the interior and exterior of the spa, help reduce operational costs with optimal heat retention, keep debris out of the water, and create a safer and more secure environment. With Smartop®, you can sleep soundly knowing that your spa is well protected and cared for. Contact Jacuzzi Ontario to find the spa cover you’ve always wanted – and the last one you’ll ever need.

Smartop® Features

These advanced and innovative covers offer a solution to many of the issues that modern hot tub and all season pool owners face. Especially when trying to protect, access and store their spa, all the while maintaining a sleek and stylish backyard living space.

  • Exclusive DecoShield Layer helps to protect against the elements in a stylish design.
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Trim for a durable, rustproof anodized aluminum trim adds thefinishing touch.
  • Rigid Polymer Panels provide structural support while individual chambers filled with non-water absorbing Owens Corning foam retain the heat.
  • Steel Cable Locking System secures the spa to prevent unauthorized use, creating a safer and more secure backyard environment.
  • Patented and Exclusive EAS Lift & Assist helps to lighten the load when opening and closing the spa, taking the strain from your body.
  • Automatic Snow and Ice Melt automatically melts snow and ice off the Smartop ensuring your spa is easily accessible throughout the winter months.

Benefits and Design

Just when you thought that spending time inside your hot tub or all season pool couldn’t get better, you discovered Smartop® spa covers! The covers from the Smartop® brand are designed and built with excellence in mind. Each one is UL-safety certified with materials and features that remain unmatched in the industry to this day.

Some of the top design features include:

  • Rigid polymer deck surface
  • Aluminum channel and high-density foam interior
  • Integrated hydraulic cover lift system
  • EAS lift and assist
  • DecoShield protective overlay
  • Black anodized aluminum trim
  • Replaceable and repairable components
  • Steel cable cover lock system
  • Impact-resistant rubber corners
  • Automatic snow and ice melt

Some of the benefits of the cover include:

  • Maintenance free
  • Safe and secure
  • Non-water absorbing foam
  • Strong and durable build
  • Weather resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quality performance guarantee
  • Repairable and replaceable components

Smartop® Enhancements

Want to take your spa and cover to the next level of luxury? Explore the enhancements available for all Smartop® covers and see how you can maximize your outdoor spa.

  • DecoShield, to provide your spa with additional protection and style, with many colours to choose from.
  • Silver or Black Anodized Aluminum Trim, to create a more stylish and elegant, or sleek and sporty look.
  • SmartShield 800, to help retain heat within the hot tub in more chilly environments, including Ontario winters.


No matter your hot tub installation, there is a Smartop® cover to do the job perfectly. These revolutionary spa covers are available in different styles, including the Vanish and Upright, compatible with both hot tubs and all season pools. For more information, visit your local Jacuzzi Ontario location today.



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