Where to Install a Home Sauna in Your House

You’ve done the research and explored the models. You’ve learned about the many ways owning a sauna can change your lifestyle for the better. It’s almost time to bring your sauna home, but the question remains, where exactly will you install it? Well, there are many great places that you can install your home sauna, it all depends on your personal preference and the layout of your home. While you may want to consult with the experts at your local Jacuzzi Ontario location and an electrician to ensure a safe and proper installation, there are still several spots to choose from.

In this article, we will explore the best places to install a home sauna inside your house.

The Best Places to Install Your Home Sauna


Your basement can offer a peaceful place to install a home sauna. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you may find it easier to spend time in a sauna that has been installed in the basement. Additional soundproofing, walls or doors can be installed to create an additional barrier and added privacy.

So long as the flooring offers ideal support for the sauna and a nearby electrical outlet is handy, you should be all set.


For those with a larger bathroom area, this may be the perfect spot to install your sauna. Create an area dedicated to self care and cleanliness. Once you have verified that the flooring and electrical outlets are sufficient for a sauna installation, you can continue with other fixtures and accessories to complete the area. A cabinet for towels, diffuser for essential oils, and a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting to your liking.

Spa Room

Why not take your enjoyment to the next level with an entire room dedicated to your sauna? This room could be organized and decorated to feel like a spa, with essential oils, an audio system, low lighting, comfortable chairs, plants, and more. If this is a room you are planning from scratch, it’s important to have a professional inspect to ensure that the electrical, flooring and insulation are up to par. With the right décor and accessories, you can create a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home.


While many infrared saunas are built to last as an outdoor sauna, they are not rated for outdoor use in Canada. This is due to the constant fluctuation in temperature along with several other factors. For more information about outdoor saunas and how you might be able to bring one to your backyard living space, for instance, within a large insulated garage or wellness structure, speak with the experts at your local Jacuzzi Ontario showroom.

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Once you have brought home your Clearlight® Sauna, your new and improved lifestyle can begin. For more information about home saunas, visit our blog or contact your local Jacuzzi Ontario showroom today.

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