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Customer Testimonials



Joe Stapleton

Joe Stapleton from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Toronto on October 09, 2012.

On Sunday, December 22nd 2013, like so many others my power went down in the ice storm. After sticking it our for 2 days the in house, temperature inside dropped to 6 degrees (and falling) and it was time to find alternate arrangements on Christmas Eve. My Jacuzzi was on my mind the entire time and I was optimistic with each passing day the power would come back. Finally I called Alain at Jacuzzi Vaughn in desperation and high anxiety thinking the lines in the Jacuzzi would freeze causing who knows what damage. In a very calm demeanor (as always), Alan assured me my Jacuzzi was built with the highest standards and with the closed cover would be fine. Alain also let me know that he would be extending his hours over the holiday period to ensure all Jacuzzi customers would receive whatever service required during and after the ice storm. That's all the assurance I needed. The next day (and after 3 days without power in sub sub zero temperatures) the power finally came on. Upon my return home 12 hours after being notified of power being back I visited my tub. When I opened the lid and felt the steam and saw the display read 101 I felt like Santa paid me a visit as well. To to top it off, not only was the Jacuzzi fully functioning but the chemicals were still balanced and ready for immediate use. This is but one of many experiences I have had with Jacuzzi that remind me time and time again that I made the right decision with Jacuzzi. A very happy customer Joe Stapleton

Kerry Lakatos-Hayward

Kerry Lakatos-Hayward Installed a J-365™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Toronto on May 15, 2013.

Hi Alain As a new hot tub owner I was understandably worried how my hot tub was going to survive almost 4 days without power through the recent ice storm. First off, the staff at the Vaughn location of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs were so responsive and helpful. They are truly fantastic. More importantly, the tub is so well insulated the temperature in the hot tub stayed well above double digits for the entire duration of the power outage. We were very impressed. Thank you Jacuzzi!