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Customer Testimonials



Richard Mangru

Installed a J-355™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Whitby in Mississauga on November 03, 2014.

My girlfriend and I recently purchased a tub from Whitby Jacuzzi. I was pleasantly surprised about how little the employees come off as a "typical salesman". We were lucky enough to deal with Ron and Mike (the store manager). I felt they were 100% honest with me on all my inquiries, and they had nothing at all to say about the competition. They were there to sell the benefits of their product, and not to badmouth any other brand of tub. They were straight-up, and after I gave my deposit, I felt that I had not been sold at all. Saying that, my mother has owned a Jacuzzi tub for eight years now, and has nothing but good things to say about it. This made my decision a little easier knowing that I was buying a tub that is reliable and manageable. During delivery, a few things were overlooked. I called Ron and asked him kindly to follow up on the outstanding items. He called me back in 5 minutes. This is a sales crew, who will not give up on you after the sale is done. If you are in the market for a tub, go see Ron at Whitby Jacuzzi.

Vince Carnovale

Installed a J-495™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Whitby in Whitby, Ontario on November 21, 2014.

I had been looking for a spa for the last 4 months. After reading everything I could and talking to the professionals about salt system, ultra Violet, natural chemicals and ozone, I thought I knew it all. I then went out and talked to 2 manufacturers about the 2 spas that I had picked (none of which Jacuzzi). I was surprised to hear that all they could say is how bad the competitor is, They would brag about their tubs being the best. It got to the point where I was visiting 5 different manufacturers and they all said the same thing. Then I found Mike. What a different approach. All he did was talk about his product, the benefits, the advantages, some places of improvements over the years. He was speaking to me with a sense of honesty, something that all the other sales people were lacking. Me being the cautious and indecisive person that I am , Mike worked well with me. His follow up calls were in a timely manner. We went back and forth and I had narrowed it down between a Jacuzzi spa and a less expensive competitor. Then came the wet test. If you take nothing from this review, take only this. WET TEST before you buy. When comparing Jacuzzi to the other spa, it was night and day. Mike made the spa available after hours, he called ahead to see what temp I like the water. He had the lights down low. He was very inconspicuous, he made himself as invisible as possible to give my family and I the privacy we needed, and I must say I felt like we were the only ones there. He let us take as much time as we need and he provided us with a clean and private change facility. THANKS MIKE! The Tub Features - I am not sure why, but when I tried other spas, I was always floating, trying to force myself into the seat. If I was able to sit then it was the jet pressure that was making my skin itch. Or the configuration of the controls were not in logical places. Now, the Jacuzzi- The foot jets are to die for. That alone made a huge impact on our decision. The feeling of fresh and clean after we got out of the spa was extremely refreshing. Unlike any other spa I have been in. Lastly, the jet pressure felt comfortable and no itch! I was told the CLEAR RAY system is responsible along with the unique 50/50 jet air and water mixture. Very Pleased! Mike and his staff have been terrific so far. He was willing to work around my concerns to get my business and his promise of outstanding service has already been starting to shine through. I get my Spa on the 21st and I cant wait.

Joe Iacurti

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Toronto on December 06, 2013.

What an amazing experience. Alain Henderson and his team were very professional right from the start. I wont include finish because I drop by the store every weekend to have my water tested just to make sure I am adding the right combination of chemicals to the tub and team does it willingly and with a smile. Alain helped us choose the right hot tub that is just perfect for our family. He came to our home before delivery to make sure there would be no problems and has even come over after a few months to check if everything was working just right. A hot tub after working out or in the winter with snow falling around you while you are in hot water with jets massaging your muscles is once again an amazing experience.

Henrietta Peroni

Installed a J-415™ in Brampton on May 16, 2013.

I love my Jacuzzi hot tub. It is so nice to get home from work after a hectic day and just relax in the hot tub. I am so happy I purchased it. The staff at Mississauga Jacuzzi have been very helpful in answering any of my questions. Jacuzzi was the way to go.

Patricia Peroni

Installed a J-415™ in Brampton on May 16, 2013.

I am the proud owner of a Jacuzzi hot tub. This has certainly been a wonderful addition to the family. All the features are especially appreciated after a day at work, where the comfort of all the Jacuzzi features assist in unwinding in the evening. In addition I would like to sincerely comment on all the assistance offered by Meagan. She has a pleasant manner, definitely understands her product and clients and responds back in a very timely manner, Thanks Meagan!

Marianne Guenette & Umberto Corda

Marianne Guenette & Umberto Corda Installed a J-335™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in GTA on June 24, 2014.

My experience with Alain and the team at Jacuzzi Vaughan location started about 5+ years ago. I knew I wanted a hot tub and I knew my husband wasn’t all that keen – during the 5 year timeframe Alain kept in touch with me, continued to build a relationship with me, shared specials/deals, answered any questions (which by the way I had plenty)! It took me 5 years to convince my husband that we should get one and for our 40th Birthday present we took the PLUNGE LOL! The day I called Alain he wasn’t available but I knew I wanted to deal with him so I waited and tried again the next day! We went to visit him at the show room, we got an education on the products, we asked loads of questions, we tested out multiple tubs and then we made the decision. Alain and the Vaughan Jacuzzi team helped with everything from what we needed at home to prepare, arranging for delivery and having and had some recommendations for electrician’s to help us get set up once the tub arrived! They still make themselves available anytime you have any questions there is always prompt service and the team is a pleasure to work with. During the summer since we had many cool nights we used it often but I have to say you will fall madly in love with your Jacuzzi when the cooler weather hits as the experience each season is different and very enjoyable. I love my tub, wouldn’t change it for anything. The maintenance is so easy; my hubby and I have it down to a science and really there is minimal chemicals used anyways!! I can’t wait to roll around in the snow for circulation and then jump in – let’s see what Winter holds with our Jacuzzi! Thanks Alain and the team – we appreciate your time and patience with us! Xoxo Marianna & Umberto

Kevin & Tennille Kirkpatrick

Installed a J-365™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Whitby in Bowmanville, Ontario on September 04, 2014.

Mike Kitchen at the Whitby Jacuzzi location has been amazing. He has worked with us every step of the way to get us the best hot tub in our budget and ensure we were enjoying it post delivery. If you are looking for a quality product and amazing customer service Mike and the team in Whitby are the best!

Rick Menendez

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Oakville in Oakville, Ontario on September 04, 2014.

I always kept hearing "when you buy the hot tub, make sure you get it from a reputable dealer". I never though much about it and always kept going on the price hunt. I visited Jacuzzi in Oakville by chance, but cautious of the high-end brand price... As it turned out, not only they were able to offer me an amazing price that outmatched the competitors at that range, but they were very informative on the different alternatives and helped me narrow my options down to my needs. Obviously they knew their business. After evaluating other alternatives for my needs, I ended up buying a J-300 series from Melanie. I'm glad I did! After getting the unit installed I already had a couple of questions and configuration issues, which they resolved with me on the spot over the phone. Obviously my Tub is too new and I haven't had any issues, but every time I've called, they've returned my call; every time I ask they have an answer... now that's good service! As for the brand, well... I have a friend that did find a cheaper hot tub (new), when you compare all that came with mine for which he would have to pay extra, his Tub is in fact maybe 20% cheaper. Yup. But... when he runs his jets at full blast one of the caps pops-out. Yup, Pops-out and he has to re-attach it. He not sure how to deal with it... I'm glad I went with Jacuzzi Oakville!

Mark & Margot Somerville

Installed a J-375™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Whitby in Oshawa, Ontario on August 06, 2014.

We've had almost a month with our Jacuzzi 375 and have enjoyed it almost every day since installation. Oddly, we hadn't even looked at a Jacuzzi tub when looking to buy. It was only by accident that we happened upon the Jacuzzi dealer in Whitby and stopped in. We spoke with Mike Kitchen who easily answered what would seem to have been at least 100 questions we had and then added some insights that we had not considered. Additionally, unlike other dealers we had spoken with, he never spoke negatively about other manufacturers models, instead choosing to speak about the product he sold. While a Jacuzzi tub may cost a little bit more, it was an easy decision to go with one based on the quality and features available. Delivery and installation was far easier then I had expected complete with a quick tutorial on water chemistry. The tub was up and running within a few hours and we were in it the same night! Mike for your time, patience and continued assistance. Great tub and great service! Keep up the good work!

Jeff & Maureen Fisher

Installed a J-210™ in Toronto, Ontario on September 04, 2014.

I would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of a great experience I had purchasing my Jacuzzi spa from Mike Kitchen in your Mississauga store. Once my wife and I decided we were “potentially” in the market for a spa, we started visiting several different retail outlets offering a wide range of manufacturers. When we visited your Mississauga store, we were immediately greeted by Mike Kitchen, with a warm and friendly smile and a wealth of technical knowledge (note: after he finished explaining the benefits of the UV system – I was technically sold on Jacuzzi). Mike answered all my questions, and promised to get back to me on some special requirements I had around installation. Not only did he promise to get back to me, the information was sitting in my email by the time I got home. This back and forth process went on for a couple of weeks. Every time Mike promised to get back to me, he was highly responsive and went the extra mile to make sure we were looked after. Because of Mike Kitchen….. Choosing Jacuzzi became the obvious choice. As I am in the sales business, I understand the importance of good customer service. Mike can talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Congratulations on a great employee. I look forward to dealing with Mike and your company in the years to come Another satisfied customer Jeff and Maureen Fisher