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Customer Testimonials



Kris & Sophia Godlewski

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Newmarket on November 06, 2013.

decided to write this review after one and a half years of enjoying this beautiful J480 hot tub.I was "hoping" that something will go wrong after 6 months,then after one year, no such "luck". Before we bought Jacuzzi hot tub we had high end competition hot tub with all bells and whistles-the first service call (it was leaking) within first month.then new mother board,new light within first year,and endless problems,finally after 6 years and $16000 + I decided to buy Jacuzzi product. Everything that I was promised by Vaughan Jacuzzi store manager Alain Henderson was delivered ( including two robes - one for her and one for him ) on time by two knowledgeable, energetic jacuzzi employees.And they menage to remove my not so old existing hot tub.Thank you.The only think that I can say is that I am glad to come across Alain Henderson who assured me that the only problem I will have with my tub is envious neighbors- true.Thank you Alain. Sophia and I we really enjoy our hot tub and will always talk highly about Jacuzzi product but most of all about Alain's knowledge and helpful advice.We strongly recommend beautiful Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan.Thank you. Sophia and Kris

Kelly & Georges Soaré

Kelly & Georges Soaré Installed a J-355™ in Etobicoke on May 12, 2012.

From: Soare, Georges Sent: July-13-14 1:51 PM To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' Cc: 'Kelly Soare'; Soare, Georges Subject: letter from a satisfied client Attention: Alain Henderson This is a follow up to the visit at your Vaughan location the other day. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve been very pleased with the Jacuzzi installed in late 2012. We’ve had no issues at all with the spa. We use it often, once or twice per day, 5 days out of 7, throughout the year. Water quality remains high with minimal care (which is much appreciated!). It is our little oasis in the city, and we are delighted with the investment. Regards, Georges A. Soaré

Roger & Christine Schofield

Installed a J-355™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Oakville in Milton on May 23, 2013.

Oasis surrounded by snow ** Just had a maintenance clean and we couldn't be happier. Service was great and our Jacuzzi takes the edge right out of winter. It's like a south sea vacation any day we feel like it. Love the Oakville Jacuzzi store, Dave, Melanie and everyone there, feel like family.

The Haddrell Family

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan on August 13, 2013.

We were in the market for a new hot tub and had done our research on the various brands and features available. We went to the Jacuzzi hot tub location in Vaughan as part of our search for a new hot tub.

As we walked into the store we were met by Al, a sales rep. My first comments to him were that we did not need a waterfall, fancy lighting package, or add on features that would raise the price above a basic tub. His response was that many features of the Jacuzzi hot tub were standard including a waterfall, changing light package, cover and lifter. He further added that removal of the old tub was included in addition to delivery of the new tub. There was no pressure from anyone while we were in the store looking at the different styles and models of hot tubs but if we had a question we were only to ask.

After some time we spoke with Al who went over the different models and features and what would best suit our needs. There were no high pressure sales tactics or pitches.  In fact Al suggested we look around, ask questions and then go and compare Jacuzzi hot tubs to others in the market and then come back. After a few minutes we decided to go with Jacuzzi. Not only are they selling hot tubs with more features for less than the competition, they are selling a supportive sales network that know the industry, the market, and the people who are buying them.

After the tub was delivered and hooked up by a referred licenced technician all was great except for one jet not working. One call took care of the fix. Since May of 2012 when the tub was delivered we have had only great experiences in it. The seating configuration proves to not only relax you and several others in the tub but to melt away any tension your body may have had. There is such a variety of jets in the tub that wherever you have an ache or pain you are sure to target it in a Jacuzzi hot tub. For anyone in the market for a hot tub I would say to do your research and to include Jacuzzi in your search. The product features, price, warranty, and sales staff are hard to beat. I rarely offer my endorsement for a product but in the case of Jacuzzi hot tubs I would not hesitate to highly recommend them to my friends and family.

P. Haddrell

Cory Ching

Cory Ching Installed a J-365™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Thornhill on April 19, 2013.

My wife and I had been planning on getting a hot tub for around 3 years. This past spring though, we decided to go ahead and start seriously looking at our options. We fairly quickly narrowed down the list of potential tubs to Hot Spring, Sundance and Jacuzzi based on reliability, design, price range and dealer networks.  

Originally we thought that there would be very little difference during the wet tests since we figured all jets were the same. We were completely wrong with the Jacuzzi wet test being significantly better than anything else. There really was no comparison. We ordered the tub and had it delivered in April as soon as the concrete pad was installed. 

Everything went very smoothly with the delivery only taking a few hours. Since then, my wife and I have been using it about 3 times per week. It is a great time for just the two of us to decompress from the day since it is away from all electronics. We both sleep much better and think that it is the best investment that we could have made.  

We highly recommend getting a hot tub from Jacuzzi Ontario.  


Diana Williams

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan

Good afternoon Alain,

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment ALL of the Jacuzzi Team.

Alain, you have been a pleasure to deal with throughout this entire process.

Kerri, your patience with all the delivery changes was much appreciated. Each time we had to reschedule, you were friendly and accommodating.

Chris & Eric, what a delivery team! Facing freezing weather and “several” challenges taking out our existing tub they remained in great humour and were determined to get our new Jacuzzi in place. I honestly believe that under these circumstances, most delivery men would have just said forget it and left. Approximately one hour into the chaos Jr and Rob (the service manager) also arrived. I now had four very cold but extremely friendly gents in my yard, all working together to make this happen! After many hours, the old tub was removed and our Jacuzzi had its new home.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with our Jacuzzi experience.

Once an Arctic Spa customer, never to return …….



Happy Customers

Installed a J-210™ in Mississauga

My inlaws bought my husband and I our hot tub from Jacuzzi as a wedding gift. I absolutely am in love with the tub they purchased, it's been great. I would never have thought of a new hot tub as a gift, but it worked out wonderfully. We have a smaller backyard so I was a little worried about space at first. They got us the J-210 (it's round as opposed to square) and fits very well in our yard. And it's stylish so it looks great!!!!!! VERY pleased with this hot tub :) thanks Jacuzzi for the wonderful product!

Paul Templeton

Paul Templeton Installed a J-345™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Hamilton in Ancaster on March 21, 2011.

Hi Mike, We just climbed out of the hot tub after a nice soak! It has been a fantastic addition to our lives. All the best, Paul Templeton

Gary Krevenky

Gary Krevenky Installed a J-415™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Burlington in Hamilton

Bought a Jacuzzi J-415 at the careport home and garden show, Michael Kitchen of Jacuzzi was very helpful in explaining all the features of the hot tub and helped us make the right purchase. My wife and I are very pleased with the delivery and setup and have been enjoying the benefits of the therapeutic jets. Much better hot tub than our previous one, I would highly recommend a Jacuzzi hot tub.

Genevieve Delaney & Rick Shaw

Genevieve Delaney & Rick Shaw from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Caledon on October 09, 2013.

Sharing our experience - Ice Storm Dec 2013 Let me start by saying that our Jacuzzi purchase is one of the best decisions we’ve made. The service from the first day of delivery has been next to none. Our contact Alain Henderson has exceeded our expectations with his attentive and patient manner with our many questions from the start. The biggest hurdle that Jacuzzi was able to help us through was the ice storm of 2013. We lost power for the better part of 5 days, literally 2 months after we purchased the tub. Through this power outage experience among all the other things we had to be concerned with was the safety of the Jacuzzi. Alain was essentially available just about every day to walk my husband through the course of actions or lack thereof on our part to ensure the Hot Tub was safe. We have many neighbors’ that also have hot tubs (not Jacuzzi) and there was at least one that ended up with a $1,200.00 bill after to repair their tub. The advice and calm assurances that were given to us were sound and resulted in the safe revival. The Jacuzzi is typically kept at 104 degrees at the end of 5 days the temperature dropped to 66 degrees and within a few hours it was back up to 99 degrees. We were so impressed with the resilience of this quick turnaround of our large purchase. My husband and I highly recommend Jacuzzi and will only deal with them going forward. The cost of the product coupled with the excellent service is money well spent.