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Customer Testimonials



Bonnie Morgan

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Burlington in Burlington on November 05, 2012.

Dear Mr. Wasney,
Waterford Place is a 97 -unit condominium on Lakeshore Road in Burlington. Last summer we purchased a new Jacuzzi to replace our 12-year old and leaking hot tub for our gym and spa. TJ was very helpful, and generous, in that process. The indoor location of our hot tub is a small space and we had to take great care in choosing a new tub. We also had accessibility issues to be resolved. With TJ’s advice and expertise, we needs were met, and then some.

It was TJ’s suggestion that we have a “reveal” and that he be on hand to demonstrate the features of the Jacuzzi to our residents. After months of planning, designing, and construction we re-opened our new gym and spa last Tuesday evening. TJ attended,  answered questions and explained all the bells and whistles far better than our Property Manager or any of our Board members could have. His expertise and his personality made it a fun evening.

I have expressed our gratitude to TJ personally, but I thought you would also like some positive feedback. Oh, yes, almost forgot...the hot tub is great too!

Best Regards,
Bonnie Morgan
President, Board of Directors.
Waterford Place

James Baker

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Barrie in Barrie on February 22, 2012.

After years of wanting one and months of online research, I finally decided to start shopping for a hot tub. The first place I went was the Barrie Jacuzzi Ontario store. One of the things that impressed me most was that they told me to go and visit the other manufacturers to be sure I was well informed. After doing so, I went back to Jacuzzi Ontario not only because of the superior product, but because their staff was more knowledgable and they offered more services than any of the other dealers I visited.

After buying my Jacuzzi, my experience has been even better. The delivery and installation went very smoothly, the installers went over all the controls with me and showed me how to get the chemicals balanced correctly. Since then, the Jacuzzi Ontario store has been there for me every step of the way with after sales support better than I have received from any other manufacturer of any other product. I will recommend Jacuzzi Ontario to anyone looking to buy a hot tub.

I'd like to thank everyone at Jacuzzi Ontario Barrie for all the help and guidance they've provided.

Janet and John Trichilo

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Barrie in Barrie on March 12, 2012.

To whom it may concern,

Let me apologize in advance for the length of this email, there is just so much that my husband and I wish to convey to you both.

We wanted to take a moment to compliment several of your employees, with the hopes that they will be acknowledged for going above and beyond with their knowledge of your product, their professionalism, and their excellence in customer service. You should be both proud and confident knowing you have employees such as these ones representing your company and products at the first point of contact with the customers. I am speaking of Cameron and Andrew from the Barrie store, and Kerri from Delivery and Installation. These are the people we have had most of our dealings with, but it should be mentioned that we are extremely satisfied with all employees we have dealt with at the Barrie location when attending for concerns, merchandise, chemicals, water testing, etc.

We purchased our first hot tub in September from Cameron, but also had several dealing with Andrew during the decision making process. At that time the store was retailing the Arctic Spa and Coyote line of tubs, and we purchased a Coyote Tuscon. I am sure I do not need to mention how difficult it can be committing to such a large purchase when you have had no previous experience with the product. Both Cameron and Andrew were extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the entire experience. They were able to answer all our questions, and put our minds at ease with regards to all our concerns. Once the purchase was finalized, we moved on to our dealing with Kerri to coordinate the delivery and installation. We were also extremely satisfied with her understanding of our situation and concerns, her level of professionalism and services, and how accommodating she was with our schedule.

At the time of the purchase, we were aware of the transition that was to occur with the Barrie location. A week after our delivery, I attended the store for my first water test, and the store had been converted to a Jacuzzi retail outlet. From that point on, our curiosity began to get the best of us, and on several occasions we would check out the Jacuzzi line of tubs on our visits to the store. Cameron, Andrew, and the other employees immediately had an excellent knowledge of their new product line. Although the Jacuzzi product had their full attention, confidence, and support, they remained professional and did not take a negative approach by bashing the other lines of tubs. They spoke highly and positive of their new product line, and it is that knowledge and confidence in the product that sells it over all others. A sale is better made by a professional and knowledgeable approach to promoting your own product, and showing the level of quality it is, without bashing the competition in an attempt to lower the consumers view of it.

Over the past six months, we have learned a lot about out hot tub, others on the market, and how a hot tub fits into our lives. At the time of our first purchase, we were very apprehensive, and were not willing to commit to a higher priced hot tub. Cameron and Andrew were very supportive of our decision, and did not pressure us otherwise. It was our apprehension along with our financial situation that prevented us from purchasing a hot tub of higher quality. Our Coyote Tuscon has served its purpose, but we have had some issues with it and the company, and are somewhat disappointed with the situation. During many of our visits to the store, Cameron and Andrew remained very helpful in assisting us with many of the issues we were having with our tub even though they know longer carried the brand. Again, very professional, and extremely considerate for them to do that. We were very grateful to them for assisting us.

We have now recently just purchased a Jacuzzi J-470 hot tub from Andrew. Yes, I know, one extreme to another, from the Coyote to a Jacuzzi. As first time buyers, this just was not a decision we could commit to in the beginning. However, over the past several months, thanks to Andrew and Cameron, we have become very familiar with your product line, and we have learned how a hot tub fits into our lives, and how much we will use and enjoy it. They have helped us better understand and respect how the price directly reflects the quality of the product, and the support you receive with it. Andrew and Cameron worked together with us with our second purchase to alleviate some of the financial impact we were experiencing from the trade in of our lower quality hot tub on a high end top of the line Jacuzzi model. Although the financial commitment for us is still a very difficult one at this time, we are more than satisfied with the numbers they were able to approve on trade in and the purchase price. Then once the purchase was finalized, we again dealt with Kerri in Delivery and Installation. Kerri was just as professional, understanding, and accommodating as she was during our first purchase. Once she learned that we were having visitors at our residence in the near future, she did everything she could to arrange the delivery of our new tub so it would arrive prior to their visit to allow us to enjoy our new tub with them.

I hope you have both taken the time to read the entire contents of this email. I know it was long, but there was much we wished to explain and express. We are extremely happy to be a part of the Jacuzzi family of hot tubs, and hope to get many many years of enjoyment and satisfaction from our recent purchase.


Janet and John Trichilo


from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan on June 16, 2013.

Hi Alain

It was a pleasure to speak with you today. My experience with my Jacuzzi has been practically life-changing. I was a bit reluctant to go in during the winter but decided one day to take the plunge. Just being in the hot tub with freezing air all around me was so exhilarating and relaxing. In fact, the colder it was outside the better it was inside the tub! I have been sleeping much better, using my backyard regularly and spending more time with friends and family. The hot tub has become a focal point to our recreation! My wife and I go in regularly, as do my kids. We all invite friends and family over and everyone enjoys going in. My wife and I both jog and we go for a dip when we get back and it totally relaxes us. I am not kidding when I say it was life-changing! I would be happy to talk to anyone who would want a real-life testimonial from a Jacuzzi owner.

Kirk Bigelow

in Mississauga on February 13, 2012.

Hi Jeanette,

I recently purchased a Jacuzzi hot tub from Ashley at your Mississauga store and would like to comment on her knowledge of the product and her professionalism in helping me during the process in deciding to buy the 480. I was also pleased with the option of keeping the Arctic brand or changing to the Jacuzzi, after reviewing all the information Ashley forwarded me I am glad with the decision I made, thank you for all your time and patience Ashley, looking forward to the delivery.

Thanks again.

Matt & Jenn Ritter

Installed a J-245™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Toronto on December 06, 2012.

Dear Alain,

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Jacuzzi Ontario thus far. I had an excellent first impression when I visited your website after hearing an ad on the radio. I received a call from you the following day and I was impressed with your level of knowledge about your competitors and about your own products. We ultimately decided on the J-245 after 2 visits to the showroom and we are thrilled with it.

The site visit gave us confidence in making the purchase as we did not want to have any surprises on delivery day. The delivery team was punctual, professional and courteous. The follow-up customer service has been excellent and we appreciate the “spa school” opportunity. Thanks for everything. We look forward to many years of relaxation and enjoyment!

P. Haddrell

from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan on May 01, 2012.

We were in the market for a new hot tub and had done our research on the various brands and features available. We went to the Jacuzzi hot tub location in Vaughan as part of our search for a new  hot tub. As we walked into the store we were met by Al, a sales rep. My first comments to him were that we did not need a waterfall, fancy lighting package, or add on features that would raise the price above a basic tub. His response was that many features of the Jacuzzi hot tub were standard including a waterfall, changing light package, cover and lifter. He further added that removal of the old tub was included in addition to delivery of the new tub. There was no pressure from anyone while we were in the store looking at the different styles and models of hot tubs but if we had a question we were only to ask.

After some time we spoke with Al who went over the different models and features and what would best suit our needs. There were no high pressure sales tactics or pitches. In fact Al suggested we look around, ask questions and then go and compare Jacuzzi hot tubs to others in the market and then come back.

After a few minutes we decided to go with Jacuzzi. Not only are they selling hot tubs with more features for less than the competition, they are selling a supportive sales network that know the industry, the market, and the people who are buying them.
After the tub was delivered and hooked up by a referred licenced technician all was great except for one jet not working. One call took care of the fix.

Since May of 2012 when the tub was delivered we have had only great experiences in it. The seating configuration proves to not only relax you and several others in the tub but to melt away any tension your body may have had.  There is such a variety of jets in the tub that wherever you have an ache or pain you are sure to target it in a Jacuzzi hot tub.

For anyone in the market for a hot tub I would say to do your research and to include Jacuzzi in your search.  The product features, price, warranty, and sales staff are hard to beat.  I rarely offer my endorsement for a product but in the case of Jacuzzi hot tubs I would  not hesitate to highly recommend them to my friends and family.

P. Haddrell

Richard & Nancy

on February 17, 2012.

"As an owner of a model J-480 Jacuzzi hot tub, I have received numerous compliments from neighbours and friends. The design and performance of the J-400 series are superlative. Jacuzzi has without a doubt set the industry benchmark for energy efficiency, soothing hydrotherapy and stylishness. I must also applaud Jacuzzi Ontario's dedicated and professional staff for their excellent service. Thank you!"
Richard & Nancy
Hamilton, ON

The Field Family

The Field Family Installed a J-365™ from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan on February 05, 2012.

When we decided to invest in a hot tub, it was clear based on our research that Jacuzzi was the brand offering the highest quality and the features we were looking for. Our experience with the Vaughn location was great in that the staff knew the products well and the wet-test made it easy to compare the tubs before purchasing. The customer service team and delivery crew were very helpful and accommodating when it came to scheduling and set-up. The tub itself has been great...easy to use, maintain and enjoy for the whole family! 

Thanks very much,
The Field Family


C.B. from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Vaughan in Toronto on April 04, 2012.

Toronto Ice Storm - Dec 2013 Our family was without power for four days leading up to and including Christmas. We stayed in our home and huddled by our fireplace to stay warm. On the third day the house temperature reached 36 F (2C). It was cold. I check on our Jacuzzi on the third day as well. I lifted the cover and the water was still hot and showed a temperature of 101F. When our power when back on after four days, the Jacuzzi temperature was 99F. We have been enjoying our Jacuzzi every night since this power outage. Thank you C.B.