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Customer Testimonials



Julie Green

We've been considering a hot tub for years, and stopped by Jacuzzi in Kitchener to learn more. Adrian was very helpful, and listened to what we wanted, even though we were not planning to purchase anything immediately. He took time to explain the reasons why the hot tub would meet our needs. I was looking for energy efficiency, so he showed me how the pipes are coated in insulation and that the tub is completely enclosed. He showed us the energy cost per month, and it was reasonable, starting at under $9/month. Health benefits were important too, so the hydro-therapy spa and the clear-ray system were pointed out. We had narrowed down the hot tub options to 2 variations of tubs. The drawback to the entry level tub was that is was missing key features for the health benefits we wanted, but suited a lower budget. After hashing the numbers and what was or wasn't included, Adrian left it with us to discuss. For the cost of what equated to two week long vacations, we would have a hot tub for years. Yes, we have chemical, water and hydro costs to consider for the daily operation, but those costs are less than a case of beer per month. But what if something went wrong? The warranty on the tub is in place for years, though some parts have a longer warranty than others. We decided to buy it, and it could be delivered within a week. So, that was the last of our salesman, Adrian, right? Wrong, he came over to our house to see where we wanted it, and confirm the delivery needs. We even sent our electrician to discuss hydro hook up concerns with Adrian as we decided that hard-wiring made the most sense to us. We had issues with the start up and needed Jacuzzi to send their tech out. Ron determined the problem immediately. He did a temporary fix so we could use the tub and returned to replace the part within a week. This was all covered by Jacuzzi's warranty. Ron was able to answer questions and offer advice to simplify our use of the tub and reduce chemical use. So now has Adrian disappeared? No, he still greets us by name when we take in our water samples for free testing. He is continuing to help us learn how to alter the chemical levels in the water and answering any questions we have. We have been very fortunate to have such knowledgeable and personable people help us through this adventure. I am glad that we bought one through a company that supports their warranty and offers support today and far into the future. So, it's been a few months, and we attended a class at Jacuzzi to reinforce the information we had learned from Adrian. The course was at no cost, and it was great to get the review, learn some new things and be able to see the live demonstration before we had to drain and refill our tub. Definitely attend the class, if you can. We are still enjoying our hot tub and noticing the benefits especially after a day of gardening, or renovating. Oh yeah, Adrian still rocks! While I haven't been in for a whole, my partner is greeted by name every time and Adrian and Liam always have time to help.