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Top 5 Hot Tub Misconceptions

Buying a hot tub isn't something you do every day. In fact, you may only do it once or twice in your lifetime. As you weigh your options, you may be susceptible to some common hot tub misconceptions. Find out the truth about hot tubs and you'll be in a better position to make a smarter purchase.

Hot Tub Misconception #1: You can save money by buying cheap hot tubs
While cheap hot tubs cost less upfront, you may find that they cost more over the long term. Cheap hot tubs are cheap because they have less insulation, less efficient pumps and heaters, thinner covers, and other shortcomings. Since cheap hot tubs are less efficient than their more expensive, energy-efficient counterparts, they have higher operating costs. In addition, they could have shorter warranty periods and they could require more repairs.

Hot Tub Misconception #2: The more jets you have, the better
The number of jets a hot tub has isn't necessarily a predictor of how much you'll enjoy the spa. Jets take many forms and include air jets, water jets, and dual jet systems. Some jets massage while others pulsate. Some feature adjustable nozzles, others don't. The type, size, strength, and position of jets are usually more important than the total number of jets.

Hot Tub Misconception #3: If you have an ozone system, chemicals are not needed
Ozone systems are not a replacement for hot tub chemicals. Your ozone system can reduce the reliance on some spa chemicals but isn't a complete replacement. Make sure you fully understand the limits of any supplementary hot tub water sanitizing system before you opt out of using hot tub chemicals. If you don't understand how to keep your water clean, clear, and healthy, ask your local hot tub service for help.

Hot Tub Misconception #4: Spas need the most powerful pumps possible
If you want high operating costs, buy a hot tub with the most powerful pump money can buy. If you'd rather enjoy your hot tub as it was meant to be used and have lower operating costs at the same time, buy a spa with the right sized pump for its design.

Hot Tub Misconception #5: After the novelty wears off, we'll never use the hot tub
A lot of potential hot tub owners believe this, and thus opt out of a potentially life-changing purchase. Hot tubs offer numerous benefits and can be used all year long, even in Canada. Imagine a quick dip in the morning, a relaxing soak just after work, or romantic evening reconnecting with your partner. The key to continued use is to choose the right tub for you, place it in a suitable spot, and make your new lifestyle a priority.

Don't let these hot tub misconceptions influence your hot tub purchase. Do your research and make the best hot tub buying decision possible.