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Hot Tub and All Season
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Get inspired. You can explore our online gallery of installation photos to see how people are enjoying their hot tubs, all season pools and saunas in their own backyard. No matter where in Ontario you live or unique backyard surroundings you have, our team can help integrate a spa into your yard. We work with landscaping companies to design a truly unique oasis for you and your family. Click on any photo for a larger view. Check out our video gallery for delivery and installation videos.



Why Invest in Your Backyard?

What better way to bring luxury and versatility to your home, than with your very own outdoor oasis? Spend time outdoors 365 days a year with a backyard that is designed to meet your every need. Whether you choose to relax in the warmth of your jet-driven hot tub, entertain guests under the protection and privacy of a gazebo, or engage in regular fitness with an all season pool, your backyard can cater to your every need.

Aside from truly maximizing the potential of your outdoor space, investing in your backyard can also raise the value of your home. So you can look forward to an array of benefits, while living in your home and after the sale.

J-485 Jacuzzi Hot Tub Installation in Ontario
Jacuzzi Swim Spa Installation

Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

  • Further extend your patio with a shaded gazebo area for lounging
  • Add a built-in hot tub to your deck for a seamless look
  • Add large flower planters on either side of your spa steps
  • Install your all season pool half-in and half-out, then build a wooden or stone surround
  • Create depth by installing your spa on top of a raised platform
  • Place patio furniture beside your hot tub to create a versatile outdoor space for everyone
  • Consider the view from your hot tub or all season pool before installation
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