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Preparing Your Backyard Hot Tub Installation for Fall

It’s almost that time of year again.

As the leaves begin to change colour and fall from the trees, it’s a clear sign that summer is on its way out and fall is beginning. Although we recommend taking care of and maintaining your hot tub installation throughout the year, there are a few specific tasks that should be acknowledged and completed as the summer season ends and fall begins.

In this article, we walk you through the steps to prepare your hot tub installation for fall, so that you can make the most of it.

Clean Your Hot Tub

Who wants to soak in a dirty hot tub? Not you and your family, that’s for sure. Begin your fall clean-up and preparation with some hot tub maintenance. If your hot tub is due for a water change in the near future, now might be the best time to do so. This will alleviate the risk of waiting too long and having to change the water during the first snowfall of the season.

Using a hose, hot tub cleaning product and a rag, give the exterior of your hot tub and cover a good cleaning. If it isn’t in need of a water change, simply test the water with test strips and maintain the water accordingly.

This is a great opportunity to schedule hot tub service. A service technician can inspect your hot tub from top to bottom, diagnose any issues, and then repair or complete maintenance as needed.

Tidy and Organize Your Backyard

Once your hot tub is safe, clean and ready-to-use for this season, it’s time to move onto the rest of the installation and backyard. First, inspect the various elements and areas of your backyard to ensure that all is in good standing and no repairs are required. Having your deck stairs, gazebo, patio stones, or outdoor storage unit repaired before the colder temperatures arrive can help ensure that your backyard is both safe and functional.

It’s time to tidy, clean and organize the elements of your backyard. This can range from lawn and garden care to power washing the deck and side of the house. Next, cover all seasonal appliances, furniture, and features that are only meant for the summer season with a durable winter-proof cover or put them in the garage until next year. This can include BBQs, fire pits, a waterfall or fountain installation, swimming pool, and certain pieces of furniture.

Lastly, take a good look at your hot tub installation area to ensure that all is well. This can include inspecting a covering gazebo, testing the cover and cover lifter, ensuring that the stairs are in good standing, and removing any hot tub accessories that are no longer needed.

Add Fall Décor and Seasonal Elements

Now that your backyard is clean and hot tub is in good standing order, it’s time to decorate for fall!

Consider the following for fall décor and aesthetic:

  • Fall doormat for your backdoor or hot tub
  • Plaid pillows and blanket for outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor candles and tiki torches
  • String lights for added illumination
  • Hay bales with pumpkins for décor
  • Decorative leaf garlands for railings

How will you decorate your hot tub for the fall this year?

Jacuzzi Ontario

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