Extend Your Home to the Beautiful Outdoors with a Gazebo

Your backyard paradise is nearly complete. All that’s missing is a high-quality gazebo! Provide your hot tub, dining area or patio furniture with protection from the elements and added privacy with a built-in gazebo area. Nothing pulls a backyard space together quite like a gazebo does, which is exactly why we have such a wide selection of stylish and functional structures that you will absolutely love.

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Add privacy to your hot tub in your own backyard with a gazebo. You'll love how a gazebo adds to your outdoor space!

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During those cold winter months, step into the warmth of your hot tub without the hassle of having to remove the snow.

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A gazebo is very easy to install, on your own or with the help of our experts. Your hot tub will be protected in about 2 hours.

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Don't feel like installing? Rodger, our master carpenter is a skilled tradesman who is ready to make your install a breeze.

Watch our Gazebo Installations

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No matter the layout, size or elements of your backyard, we have the gazebo for you. Whether its purpose is to provide a hot tub with added privacy or protection from the elements for a dining area, there is a gazebo that can do the job perfectly. Search by dimensions to find the best gazebo for your lifestyle.

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